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Document: [English] The Return of Superman Episode 378 (370)  It’s initial morning, indeed, even before dawn. The Double Twins house is loaded up with beautifications. (It’s loaded up with adorable enrichments.) The infant twin’s photograph is on the divider. What’s the event? It’s the twin’s first birthday celebration. (It’s the first birthday of the twins!) It was so difficult from the outset, also, I didnt know whether today would at any point come. Furthermore, it did. The present an unprecedented day for my twins, so we’ll help them make incredible recollections.
Tae Kang Joo Yul, congrats.  Congratulations. Chun Soo is so energized.
For what reason would he say he’s so upbeat? The Return of Superman Episode 370. The Golden Goal of My Life“. (This program was somewhat supported.) (It’s the twin’s 365th morning.) Tae Kang is up. (Half-conscious)  His hair is goodbye at now.  Fluffy. (Where did Mom go?) (Mother!) (I’ll proceed to get her.) Will I head out? (Obstructed) It’s obstructed. (Tae Kang‘s development awakens Joo Yul.) (Hello, Joo Yul.) Joo Yul is up also. (Moving) It is safe to mention that she is doing her morning exercise? Wow. (When Joo Yul awakens, she begins doing squats.) I surmise she got the athletic side from her father. She’s doing that on the beat. (Bobbing her base) What number of sets would you say you’re doing? (She gets her day going with a morning exercise.) What’s going on with their folks? Nectar, you buckled down for them. (Great job on taking care of the twins for 1 year.) I had no clue that … I would be a dad of three kids. I didnt figure I might be one in any event, once I wedded you. I didnt realize that I’d wed you. You didnt realize you’d wed me? She didnt realize she’d wed him. (Much because of you for wedding me.) (Their mother is preparing food.) Your grandma arranged the fixings, so I simply got to cook them.
Grandmother sent a ton of food yesterday. In any event, when her female child is hitched, she was constantly a mother for you. Wow.  Joo Eun Your grandmother said that… her work would be over once I got hitched, yet it had been simply beginning.  Joo Eun, never gets hitched.  What? Joo Eun isn’t getting hitched. (In a matter of seconds, a full feast is set abreast of the table.) (A feast for Spirit Samshin to praise their first birthday celebration) To wish the twins great well-being also, joy, they arranged a dinner for Spirit Sanshin. (The dinner for Spirit Samshin is brought into the twins room.)  You’re up.  You’re up. (Tae Kang moves up immediately as he’s glad to ascertain them.)  You’re up.  He can bear upping admirably now. (This 1-year-old kid can rise up without difficulty at now .) You’re up.  Excuse me.  Okay. If it isnt an excessive amount of trouble, take great consideration of the twins!  Come here. Come.  That’s it.  That’s Tae Kang the Tiger.  check out his feet.  Come here, Joo Yul It’s Daddy.
Jump here.  How charming.  I’m here.  Come to Daddy Look at…  this lovely princess.  Walk.  Walk.  Come here. we should always go.  He can walk well.  Come here.  His strolling is steady at now .  Right.  Walk.  wow.  Walk.  Well done. Joo Yul is coming also . The rabbit is coming.  She’s a rabbit.  A rabbit. (Getting up) The tiger visited welcome the rabbit. Here. (Do you would like me to help you with getting?) No. I can rise up on their lonesome . (I can rise up on their lonesome .Would it’s an honest idea on behalf of me to require a stab at holding up?  You can roll in the hay .  Put it all on the road . You can roll in the hay . (Tae Kang the Tiger is supporting her on the brink of her.) (She gets up after utilizing each ounce of her energy.)  Joo Yul the Bunny is up.  Come to Daddy. Come to Daddy. They are playing great. She’s so charming holding up. Come to Daddy. (Should I begin strolling like my sibling?) It’s been a year as of now.  She’s not prepared for that yet.  Joo Yul. She actually can’t walk. (I’ll simply slither there.) (Joo Yul slithers to the lounge.) Joo Yul Good work, great job  Good work, great job You know, Tae Kang moves his base to and fro also . He began strolling after he did what Joo Yul is doing now. I see. Children do this just before they start strolling. (I need to do that all the more steadily in the event that i want to steer like Tae Kang.) Joo Yul is here. Hi, Joo Yul. (Knocking) That should be an honest time for her. It doesnt fit. (Knocking) (That is it. do this slightly more.) (At the purpose when she works out like that…) (Getting up) She acquired strength in her thighs. (2 seconds) (3 seconds) (4 seconds) (5 seconds) (6 seconds) (7 seconds) She remained on her feet for seven seconds. That was tiring. (Some water after understanding tastes so great.) Is it true that you simply are feeling acceptable, Joo Yul Good.  You are? (I’m glad for you!) (Tae Kang sees Joo Yul beverage .Tae Kang needs to drink some water also . (It’s my water!) (Gnawing) (Joo Yul messed with me.) (At the purpose when Joo Yul is diverted,) He got it. (he takes the bottle .) (I won.) (I’m so frantic.) (On occasions like this, I should do that .) (Bobbing her base angrily) Folks, we should always have strawberries. Try to not get them on your garments. Joo Yul, take a gander at the strawberries. (They are for the foremost part mine!) Tae Kang, come here. My teeth are throbbing. (Taking a serious chomp) Is it sweet? (Joyfully bobbing her base) (The occasional strawberries are the awesome.) I wager it’s prepared. She’s so cheerful. (She needs the delicious strawberries just for herself.) (Tae Kang the Tiger comes to eat the natural product.) (It’s mine!) (Losing 1 grape) (I planned to eat every one of them without anyone else.) (Chun Soo has one also .) (Losing 1 strawberry)  It’s mine.  What? (For what reason does one still take my natural product?) (Indeed, even her dependable sister, Joo Eun, takes one also .) (Losing 1 strawberry) (Also, the taking proceeded.)  Gosh, her father is eating excessively.  Right. (Please!)  Hey.  Hello. You took everything. Joo Yul planned to eat them. (Shuddering out of resentment) This time, Tae Kang took one. (I can’t stand this any more .) She’s shuddering out of resentment. (I’m so disturbed!) (She flips the plate with the organic product.)  She’s disturbed.  No more. She said, No more. Who ate everything, Joo Yul? (Father.)  Me?  Dad.  I ate everything?  Brother. (We should share delectable natural products.) Give me one. Give me the grape. He won’t offer it to you. Offer it to me. You can re-evaluate yonder what’s more, get another .  Give me one. i want to eat it.  He doesnt share. (Popping it in his mouth) He put the whole thing in his mouth.  I wager he did.  He put the whole thing in it. I need to eat it. I do not have it. (He acts adorable round her rather than giving her the grape.) Tae Kang features a similar hair as Taoist Meoteol. He never got a hairdo .  Taoist Meoteol‘s haircut.  His hair grew plenty . It’d be ideal to urge a hairdo , be that because it may, we will not leave . Would it be advisable on behalf of me to see it out?  You? does one want to try to to it?  What? I cut Joo Eun‘s the purpose at which she grew up. So I even have the scissors. My hands are unsteady. (Concerned) I’ll be back. (Their mother goes out to get the birthday rice cakes.) (Like his spouse needed, he prepares to trim his child’s hair reception .) Trimming young men’s hair is tough . My children’s hair doesnt appear to develop. (Joo Yul feels the papers like Tae Kang.) This is the barbershop for Tae Kang. (Then, the barbershop for Tae Kang exposes .) (You’re truly getting to do it?)  Tae Kang. Indeed. that‘s me.  Dad. Indeed. that‘s me. I will trim Tae Kang‘s hair. (He attempts to escape , be that because it may, he’s gotten on the scene.) It fits. OK. A pail.  Like Yoo Ah In’s hairdo.  am i able to anticipate the hair style? (Lifting)  which will be troublesome.  He acknowledged of it. I’ll play a children’s video. Play something fascinating. (Conceal well, or but I’ll see a strand of your hair) OK. Tae Kang Come here.  He’s attempting to draw Tae Kang. (Occupied by the movement show, he sits on the seat.) Here. (I can plank anyplace however long I even have a PDA.) You like it? Hi. (Smiling) I shouldn’t give him the cell however. (I’m interested also .) (Drawing nearer gradually) That is a sensible thought. That is excessively little. (Tight protection) Joo Yul must watch it. (You actually won’t allow me to observe it?) (Looking) (Feeling awkward) Would you be ready to brush his hair? (Prior to the hairdo , she brushes his hair.) (Stop it!)  His hair became long There, there. (Cautious)  Gosh.  Goodness. It truly resembles he’s at a salon . (What’s happening with you?)  What’s happening with you?  Are you certain you would like to stay … the basin on his head when cutting?  that appears precarious.  No. This is the way everybody got their hairdo a while ago.  Right. This tip was passed down…  1, 2, 3, 4. for ages. (Trimming his hair decisively) (He pitifully attempts to decline the hairdo .) It’s acceptable, correct? (He’s bothered to urge his first hairdo ever.) (Going to cry) He’s charming.  I figure it’ll find yourself great.  He looks adorable. (Tae Kang finishes up rejecting his hairdo . Is it awkward?  It’s practically finished. (Quit trimming my hair.) That looks perilous. (Be that because it may, Chun Soo has no expectation of surrendering.) (Lopsided) (That looks abnormal.) Is it even? (Blasting into giggling) (How did he affect Tae Kang‘s hair?) The hair gets more limited progressively.  Hold on.  Gosh. Since i do not have a mirror… (Poor Tae Kang.) (In any event make it look even.) At the purpose when he attempts to even it out,  it gets more limited and more limited.  Right.  He should choose at a particular point.  Tae KangTae Kang. Take a gander at me. Tae Kang. Goodness, no. He doesnt look after it.  Oh, no

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