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Document: The Return of Superman Episode 377 (369)  Hey, watchers. The New Year, the hour of the bull is here. We believe most are happy… additionally, stable in 2021. Stay sound. Be perky. Become rich. (Moo) Perky New Year. Perky New Year.  Bye.  Bye. In the event that it isnt all that much difficulty, show love and sponsorship for The Return of Superman. Heart! (The Return of Superman gave protective materials…) (to kids fighting tumors and miserable sicknesses.) Here comes Hee Seong in hanbok. Thoughtful, my.
Master Hee Seong is sparkling. He’s wearing a hanbok to compliment the Lunar New Year. I’m wearing a hanbok. (Pass the enthusiastic street…)  He looks so delightful.  He looks incredible in hanbok. (Who’s the following youth that is displaying her greatness?) Na On also? I’m wearing a hanbok. I said I’m wearing hanbokHanbokI‘m wearing a hanbokI‘m a sovereign. Right. that‘s what a sovereign wears. You should wear hanbok for Lunar New Year. Yours seems like mine. Bow to me now. Cheery New Year, Dad. Cheery New Year, Dad.  Na On, as of now.  Happy New Year, Dad. Alright, thankful.
What could be said about what we call Uncle and wish him a peppy new year? You’ll see who I’m talking about.  What?  Uncle? Who could that be? (Curious) (Confident) (The tone as of now makes them empowered.) Uncle. It’s him! Uncle Jong Suk. Uncle! It’s Uncle Jong Suk. Uncle. (Chuckling) He was delivered from his military help a month prior. Hi, Jong Suk. They initially met 10 years earlier… while going for Secret Garden. (Stop putting on an act.) Why might you say you’re doing that? (At whatever point they met, they quarreled.) I scorn your sort. (Permit me to expire you.) (Their science was uncommonly appreciated.)
They met again following three years. (Goodness, you are…) (We meet again.) (They stayed accessible ensuing to meeting again on another show.) That is the way during which they ended up being close. Hello there. (Bowing) You haven’t placed on any weight. You’re just something practically an equivalent, Jong SukJong Suk. This is Na Gyeom. Hello there. (She’s so enchanting.)  Oh, my. See his smile.  Na Gyeom is seven now, so she gets bashful when she sees someone alluring. Uncle Jong Suk visited our home. You saw him too, right? Na Gyeom met him when she was one year old.  I’m wearing a hanbok Here. Since he’s been delivered besides, the New Year has come, so wish him a cheerful New Year.  Now… 
Happy New Year. Happy New Year.
Particularly done. This is my first time getting bowed at. Really? You should support them, therefore.  Hee Seong Yes? Na On. Cheery New Year to you furthermore may. Stay strong. You’re seven now, Na Gyeom? You’ll after a brief time be getting to class. I believe you’ll see your allies in the coming year. We need to get together soon.  Okay, Uncle Jong Suk Okay, Uncle Jong Suk. Visit us for a few minutes.  Okay.  Please come sooner or later.  Oh, my.  Why may you hang up?  I have never said anything yet!  Why did he hang up? Jong Seong… In other words, Hee Seong. I will not say goodbye to Uncle Jong Suk. (He can visit us afterward .) Right. Sympathetically visit us soon.
The Return of Superman Episode 369. We Hope You Shine This Year As well. Open your mouth. In the solicitation for his or her seating.  Right, since there are three.  Good girl. I need some also. I will eat some also. Okay. (He slants forward to urge it.) Me also. (Frowning) (Upset) Father. Why are you merely offering it to Hee Seong and Na Gyeom? I’m offering it to you now. (Here you go, Na On.) It’s so prepared. Shouldn’t something be said about me, Dad? Is it worth it? He’s clamoring to handle them three correspondingly. (Hee Seong opens his mouth also.) You offered it to her.

Dreadful DaddyHorrendous“.  Horrendous“.  Horrendous“. (It’s really my turn now.)  Horrendous“.  Gosh.  they appear like youngster birds.  Yes. Whose turn right?  Me!  Me! (They lift their hands all the while.)  It’s Na On’s turn.  No.  It’s Na On’s turn.  No. (Na Gyeom is disappointed.) However, I’m more prepared than her.
Age has nothing to try to do thereupon. The ball was in her court.  i want to eat also. Give me.  I even have a fantastic arrangement here. (Hold on. There are a lot of persimmons.) Give me that. (They had two snacks recalling Na For.) Starting now, the people that can answer my requests successfully can eat it.  That’s an exceptional idea.  Okay? Alright. It’s… something white. White? This tumbles from the sky. (Do you comprehend what it is?) (White? From the sky?)  What could it be?  I feel I do know.  Snow.  That’s correct. (Na On is correct.) Any person who tracks down the proper arrangement will get a spoonful like this. (A spoonful of persimmon gives them mixed conclusions.)  What about me?  alright.  You need to get this right.  Okay.
Here’s your request. With this, you’ll buy everything.  Everything?  Money. (Me!) (Their excitement for the persimmons gets warmed.) That is correct. Money! This is her resulting eat.

Shouldn’t something be said about you, Hee Seong? (I got to eat some too.) Father, is there any valid justification why you’ll not move toward me quickly? Make an attempt to not allow her to react thereto.  Dad, give me one.  No. I’ll go down. Fine. Go down. No. (I genuinely got to eat it.) The individual who puts everything so as will eat it. is often white. We… We wash it like this and eat it. What’s happening here? Do you wash it? What’s happening here? (Likewise, we eat that?) (I give up.) What can we eat for our dinner? A grain of rice! Cooked rice! It’s not plain rice.
Rice!  That’s correct!  Wait. That was her third one.  It’s three out of a line for Na On.  That’s correct! Gosh, Na Gyeom is baffled. This is… (Is Na Gyeom vexed?) I have an awful tendency about this. You use this to wipe something.  He custom-fitted it for Na Gyeom to wash something. Besides, this is often white too. (This request is for you.) It’s within the washroom. You use it like this. Na Gyeom, your mom rubs it all finished and it makes bubbles. It’s white. you will see it in the washroom. Chemical!  Gosh. If it isnt an excessive amount of trouble.  Soap. Na On is adequate attests. She’s the marvelous it. Besides, she’s expedient also. Goodness, no. Alright. Na Gyeom, go on. Na Gyeom, prompt me. Chemical. Na On said it first.
Will you let Na On have this? She was the primary to get it done, in light of everything. The cleaning agent was correct, Na On! (Na On gets the last request also .) (Looking) The outlook turned sour. (Shaking her head) I won’t eat it. Sang Hyun, you would like to vary the outlook. you would like to. Na Gyeom, I masterminded another game. (Another game?) (Her mouth jerks.) Alright. Na Gyeom, throw it.  Okay.  Gosh. (He masterminded the sport of pitch-pot for Na Gyeom.) (Making colossal reactions) Me too. Na On, would you’ve got the choice to move? Na Gyeom is pitching. Move far away from it.

Na Gyeom is playing now. (Feel better.) (She gets it in with her dad’s help.)  Yes. you bought it in!  He’s totally…  focused on Na Gyeom That’s right.  He’s making gigantic reactions.  you bought it in. (Happily high-fiving) (She’s the foremost upbeat.) She feels better now. Are things serene reception now? You’re adequate. The practice had an impact. Alright. Hee Seong, take that. What is it, Na On? (Na On requirements to play together with her dad.)  Dad, I got it.  See? Your sister is so worthy. Na Gyeom is worthy of that.  I got it.  Hey. By and by, he’s simply supported Na Gyeom He can’t perform different undertakings.  this is often hard. Hold tight. He must toll you well of everyone among the three. (I can’t acknowledge he’s not twiddling with me.) Go on, Na Gyeom. (She goes to the stairway alone.)  Na On.  You’re worthy now. Na On, where are you going? (Why he has various children to manage?) Na On loves her dad such a lot. Right. She even pledged to marry her dad. (He needs to be simply Na On’s.) (You for the foremost part loved me.) (You revealed to me that you esteemed me this much.) (You uncovered to me that you venerated me this much.) (You pledged to marry me.) (You pledged to marry me.) (Since when did you quit esteeming me?) Honestly. You’re satisfactory, Na Gyeom. (They are during a comparable house be because it may feel like two extraordinary environments.) (I’m not getting to hand over this moment.) (She returns to the recreation room earnestly.)  I got it.  What? Father, I want to wear a shocking outfit. Wear a skirt. Okay? Or but might you would like to wear Snow White’s dress? That isnt what she needs, Sang HyunWhich skirt she wears isnsi…


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