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Taxi.Driver Episode 2, Dramas Korea Subtitle Indonesia.

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You jerk.

You impolite troublemaker.

– Hold him down.

– You jolts!

He has the eyes of a killer as well.

No doubt…

I’ll murder you with my own hands.

I don’t have the foggiest idea

in the event that you’ll find the opportunity.

(Individual data)

(Late Night Pocha)

I’m not keen on driving.

Presently, you’re concerned

about my business.

I’m not here to give you a task.

Was your agony deleted

when this man passed on?

(“Killer Nam Kyu Jung

Takes His Own Life in Prison”)

Don’t you actually need retribution?

(Special Taxi Service – Don’t bite the dust,

seek retribution. We’ll do it for you.)

(Annihilate Ride Refusals,

Resuscitate the Taxi Industry)

(Approved Personnel Only)

(Special Taxi)

Just individuals who experienced it

can comprehend…

the torment you endure.

Others aren’t intrigued.

Do you know why

your mom died?

On account of a crazed killer?


This general public reared that beast

with modest absolution.

It’s this present society’s shortcoming.

Do you actually have confidence in the equity

given by the police,

investigators, and judges?

Would you be able to depend them

to give equity?

I’ve arranged this for a long time.

To battle straightforwardly myself.

Do you understand what this spot is?

This is the place where…

my folks were fiercely killed

20 years prior.

I have not even once

failed to remember what happened that day.


I won’t ever pardon him.

Will you go along with me in delivering retribution?


Kindly settle on your decision.

– Hey.

– Let go!

(Ten pennies for each play)

You have picked.

Will we begin

on your vengeance?

(Special Taxi)

5283 starting help.

Is this the other burglar

that you referenced?

What amount do you think

every one of these drums costs?

How enormous would they say they are?

Some are 150kg…

also, some are 200kg.

They can’t be that costly.

They’re just jeotgal all things considered.

I question that.

What? Each drum is 3…

3,000 dollars?

This truly is the safe.

What amount in backpay is Maria due?

That is my claim to fame.

However, she did the clothing,

washed dishes,

also, cleaned the house.

Should I figure that

as various positions or hourly?

Whichever is more.

I’ll make it hourly.

(Pay Calculator)

I messaged you.

They’re exceptionally short.

We need significantly more to cover harms

for passionate pain.

Hello, you. Who right?

Who on earth right?

Is this pipsqueak quiet?

I’m here to purchase jeotgal.

(“A discussion

with a Young Leader”)

(A business that cares)

(Spreading Social Values)

(Kind Business Changsung Jeotgal)

Gosh. I’m heartbroken

for raising my voice at you.

For what reason did you sneak in like that?

Goodness. Much thanks to you.

You shouldn’t make espresso any longer.

Corner shop espresso would be

much better.

I can’t take more than one taste.

For what reason would you say you aren’t giggling?

I was kidding.

I’m humiliated at this point.


What’s going on here?

I’ll allow you to complete your conversation.

– So? You’re here to purchase jeotgal?

– Yes.

We’re not a retailer you can come to

easily as you wish to get them.

In the event that I can’t be agreeable,

would it be advisable for me to be awkward?

You truly don’t care for jokes, isn’t that right?


How about we get to business at that point.

So… I’m accountable for the jeotgals.

You can converse with me.

Which jeotgal do you require?

What do you have?

We have each type there is.

We have sand eel, squid…

You have sand eel, squid…

– You have everything.

– Yes.


Truth be told.

I’ll pay you 30%

as a store.

I’ll take 50 drums.

Of course, 50 drums…

50 drums are a considerable amount.

How will you manage them?

In the event that you don’t have a clue

how I’ll manage them,

will you not offer them to me?

I came this way…

since you’re a caring business.

I’ve burned through my time.

Stand by.

When would it be advisable for me to convey them by?

Have them prepared in two days.

I’m in a hurry.

Two days? At that point we’ll require

a 50-percent store.

We’ll have a ton to do

since it’s a surge.



Get the agreement.


Where did you stop?

I didn’t see a vehicle out front.

I took a taxi.

A taxi? How might you return home?

There are no taxicabs here.

Here. Sign…

– Sign here?

– Yes.

Sign here.

(Park Hyung Jun)

– Here.

– Thank you.

OK, at that point. Have a decent day.

I trust you sell a ton.

– Thank you…

– I will not see you out.

– Sure.

– Get back securely.

– Hey.

– Yes?

What was it before?


– what number compartments are this way?

– About 12…

12? Here, eat it.

What? It’s a parasite.

You can’t eat it, isn’t that so?

In the event that you can’t eat it,

how could the purchasers eat it?

You runt.

I said to remain on your toes,

you blockhead.

– I’m heartbroken.

– Seriously.

Sorry. If it’s not too much trouble…

Eliminate a little from the top…

also, send half to army installations…

what’s more, another half to schools.

How might we send that

to army installations and schools?

They eat whatever they’re given.

They will not know.

We should have jeotgal for lunch today.

In any case, how did that troublemaker respond

that he needs 50…

Who can say for sure? He most likely has

a lot of associations.

Hello. Yet, on the off chance that we convey 12,

we will not have 50 for him.

On the off chance that the jeotgal we requested

from China comes in,

– trade out the marks.

– Okay.

Trade out the marks?

They import inferior quality jeotgal

from abroad…

what’s more, stick a “Made in Korea” name

on it.

So they “trade out” the names.

Faking it to say it’s homegrown?

For what reason do they go through

all that inconvenience?

What amount more cash do they need?

Gosh, that frightened me.

For what reason would you say you are messaging for us?

At the point when you can simply say

what you need to say from that point.

You can get twofold

for homegrown jeotgal?

Misusing the fish business

can truly be rewarding.

Regardless of whether that is valid,

you shouldn’t do it.

Playing with food is horrendous.

They’re dreadful individuals.

Didn’t I present to you another representative

actually rapidly?

Yet, the young lady you brought

last time was excessively savvy,

also, ate excessively.

Simply bring somebody who eats

a bit, and comprehends a bit.

Somebody who buckles down.

Not somebody who’s level 3.

Don’t you have one who’s 2.5?

Are you picking a cut of meat from

the butcher? How might I mastermind that?

Choi Jong Sook.


With your 15% cut

of our benefits,

I believe it’s absolutely possible.

Yet, what do you think?

Obviously, I’m generally thankful.

You know how I truly feel.

Manage your job appropriately.

I will, Ju Chan.

You actually haven’t discovered the young lady

who fled?

She called me once.

(Meeting Room)

(Level 3 Maria)

Causing me to lose my craving.

Cho Jong Geun, you insane charlatan.

You ought to have limits.

On the off chance that she’s a laborer, have her work.

On the off chance that she’s your toy, do that.

You should be clear

about what you need.

Else, I can’t bring you

somebody who meets your requirements.

I wasn’t messing with her.

We were enamored.

Do you at any point understand what love is?

I was in any event, going to wed…

How often

it is safe to say that you will do this?

I’m heartbroken.

Ju Chan, regardless of whether she’s

alive or dead,

I’ll be the first she contacts

at the point when she returns,

so don’t stress excessively.

I’m not stressed.

I simply believe it’s a waste

after we prepared her.

Truth be told,

on the off chance that she turns up dead,

it’s something to be appreciative for.

You got her protection?

Obviously, I did.

Extra security, 400,000 dollars.

The recipient is you, obviously.

Didn’t I progress nicely?

– Cheers.

– Cheers.

At the point when you’re paid out

by the protection guarantee,

remember to give me a reward.

Maria bought in to in any event

10 protection plans with that lady.

In any event half of her wages were

being immediate saved to protection.

I keep thinking about whether Maria thought about this?

I’m certain she didn’t,

since she’s never had some work.

Between every one of the handicapped specialists,

there are many protection plans.

(In the event that you are caught, kindly exit.)

In case you’re not very occupied, could you

get a protection discussion?

(ND Insurance)

– Excuse me.

– Can I help you?

I needed a discussion

on buying in to protection.

Was there a specialist

you wished to talk with?

I don’t know. What about the specialist

with the best record here?

Obviously. Along these lines, please.

(Top of the Top! Choi Jong Sook)

(Early CI Insurance)

Wow, sir, you leave

an extraordinary initial feeling.

Much obliged to you.

What size of life coverage

is it true that you were keen on?

The greater the payout,

the better, normally.


I hear you’re the representative

of the month.

I interpret that as meaning numerous customers

search me out and trust me.

You talk so heartily.

I’m certain those individuals trust you

furthermore, do what you say.

“Those individuals”?

– Ms. Choi.

– Yes?

Much obliged to you for your assistance.

Wow, what’s this?

When did you have time

to set up a blessing this way?

I haven’t done

anything for you.

Gracious, Maria.


“Dear Ms. Choi,”

“Much thanks to you. I’ll buckle down.”

“Kindly stay sound.”

My gosh.

Much thanks to you, Maria.

Maria, this is actually a decent spot.

The CEO is an incredible individual.

I know him well.

So regardless of what occurs,

you should simply tune in

to what he says.

I realize my Maria will progress admirably.

I have faith in you, Maria.

You will progress nicely.

You truly are.

Much thanks to you to such an extent.

– Thank you for your clarification.

– But would you say you won’t join?

I’ll return soon.

I see.

Indeed, it’s me. What might be said about the pack?

I advised you to set it up this week.


Hang up briefly.

I’m so heartbroken.

– Ms. Choi.

– Oh my. Sir.

How would it be advisable for me to respond?

I’ll pay for the laundry,

furthermore, pursue protection now.

Wow, we should be destined

to meet, you and I.

Around there,

would you investigate this

what’s more, transfer ownership of up right?

I’m so heartbroken, yet I have

a squeezing arrangement at this moment.

What about this?

For what reason don’t I give you a lift,

what’s more, we can talk some more?

Will we?

Much thanks to you.

Indeed, I got one.


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