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Taxi.Driver Episode 1, Dramas Korea Subtitle Indonesia.

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Cho Do Chul, who was condemned

to ten years in prison…

for inappropriate behavior of minors,

is being delivered from jail today.


– Don’t let Cho Do Chul!

– Don’t allow him to out!

– How would you be able to consider yourself a human?

– Cho Do Chul should be detained!

I will carry on with the remainder of my life

with a self-reproachful heart.

I’m grieved.

Mr. Cho Do Chul,

where are you living at this point?

– Please say something!

– Please advise us!

– Mr. Cho Do Chul!

– Please respond to us!

(Cho Do Chul should serve

a deep rooted sentence!)

(He’s a sexual stalker.)

The Seoul Northern District

Examiner’s Office’s specialists,

who condemned Cho Do Chul

to a deep rooted sentence,

have delivered an articulation


Kindly say something

as the Chief Prosecutor.

If it’s not too much trouble!

We regard the choice

made by the legal executive branch,

be that as it may, I’m sorry to learn

that his sentence was decreased…

in light of senility.

Not just that,

notwithstanding the last decision,

as an investigator,

I’m profoundly concerned…

about whether equity was accomplished

for this situation,

also, about how we’ll ensure

the casualty going ahead.

Kindly say something else!

Pardon me.

(The Prosecution, “Profoundly Regretful

of the Judiciary’s Decision”)

(“Livestream of Cho Do Chul

the Sexual Predator’s Release”)

You jerk!

– How right?

– You filth!

You jerk!

Are you able to apologize…

to the person in question and her family?


We should get rolling.

How about we head to Busan.

(Should give him a lifelong incarceration!)

He’s leaving!


(The Sound of the People’s Fights)

Dislike they’re the people in question.

What do they need to yak about?


you know who I am?

– what number more minutes?

– Five.

Good. Drive on.

I’m en route to slaughter everybody

who made me like this.

Three squad cars, if it’s not too much trouble, welcome him

two squares ahead.

The objective is ahead

in a short time.

Looking out for the right.

Isn’t that the police on the radio?

I didn’t realize taxis had

such a component.

He’s in a special taxi at this moment.

Follow intently with the goal that we don’t have

anything awful occur.

These pricks.

I simply need to go in harmony.

Is that right? At that point I’ll give you

some peaceful time.

Go into the rear entryway

when you turn right.

(The Sound of the People’s Fights)


For what reason is my vehicle misbehaving once more?

Hang on!

Stop there!




– What are you doing?

– Get far removed.

I’m simply an ordinary individual!

I’m not a shoddy columnist!

How might I go

when my van is being this way?


Shouldn’t we go the alternate way?

Hello, don’t you hear me?

You need to pass on?

We’re going the incorrect way.

This prick.


The street is clear once more.


Who right? What right?


Have an incredible day.

(Crisis Phonebooth)

(Cab driver)

– Hey.

– Hello.


Mr. Yoon!

Sometime later, if it’s not too much trouble, independent

the card and money installments.

I’m not going

to allow you to do this once more.


In any case, I’m an artist simultaneously.

You believe I’m doing this

since I need to?

I can’t resist the urge to commit errors

at the point when I’m propelled to compose.


You truly don’t know workmanship, isn’t that right?

For what reason do you in every case just drive

around Hongdae?

All things considered,

I surmise in light of the fact that my spirit is there.

Could you put your spirit

to arranging the receipts sometime later?


Have an incredible day.

Hello, Mr. Kim.

– You sound glad.

– I am.

You’re going out to work once more?

That is against the work law.

Mr. Kim, how frequently…

need I advise you to put the vehicle here

on support days?

Do I truly need to stroll over yonder

also, drive the taxi here myself?

Do you not need your taxi

to complete upkeep?

For what reason would you say you aren’t talking?

Mr. Kim’s taxi got its exam

a week ago.

– He did?

– Yes.

Precisely. Why not advise me

these things?

Simply move the vehicle.

There’s no room

for the taxicabs to stop.

There’s another coming in. Move it.

– It’s stuffed.

– Hurry.

(The Crime Victim Protection

Asset Management Council Meeting)

Indeed, I realize you’re all occupied. I do.

However, if it’s not too much trouble, send an escort…

to bring survivors of rape

to court…

with the goal that they don’t need to come

without anyone else.


As I generally say,

Blue Bird Refuge Center is

an association…

that helps brutal wrongdoing casualties

who were illegitimately hurt…

just as their families have trust

also, stand once more.

The Ministry of Justice,

Arraignment Service, and different

different associations offer help.

Monetary help

for example, for everyday costs…

furthermore, clinical costs is significant.

Notwithstanding, I trust it is too

our work…

to consider and sort out

what it is they genuinely need.

It isn’t possible just with cash.

Kindly recollect that you should

give your heart and your body.

What? Is it true that you are done as of now?

My gosh. I will see the very occupied

vice president examiner here.

It’s an honor.

I intended to get back on schedule,

in any case, the gathering with

the central investigator took for eternity.

All Blue Bird at any point does…

is cry constantly,

requesting more individuals and assets.

We’re no utilization to you.

It’s substantially more valuable

to see the central examiner.

Alright, fine. I’ll purchase lunch…

to compensate for it.

What happened to designating somebody

to work with us on location?

As a matter of fact, I chose somebody.

I’ll present you in the near future.

– Do it soon.

– I will.

How is that individual?

We need somebody who’s relentless.


Don’t you fret.

That individual is

an industrious oddity show.

An oddity show?

Child. Is it true that you are conscious?

Do you remember me?

– Father.

– Yes, truth be told.

He’s conscious.

Pardon me!

He’s conscious! Come rapidly!

Is it true that you are alright?

I was so stressed

that you wouldn’t awaken.

You did incredible.


Hi? I’m at the clinic.

He just woke up.

I’ll go in sometime early this evening.


How is he? Would he be able to move?

We’ll need to watch him,

be that as it may, he ought to have the option to move.

– He can move?

– Yes.

Thank heavens.

I should have amnesia.

Is it accurate to say that you are my sweetheart?

Believe it or not.

You’ve never seen me.

You escaped while being moved

to the Prosecutors’ Office,

so you don’t have to hear

your Miranda rights once more, isn’t that right?

– Do you need me to recount it once more?

– What? What is this?

Don’t you recollect?

You leaped out the window…

what’s more, wound up in a state of extreme lethargy

for just about fourteen days.

– Your leg’s alright, correct?

– Yes.

Alright. You can walk fine and dandy.

Hello. Try not to have a go at anything dumb.

Simply come clean with her.

From what I can tell,

she’ll chase you until you bite the dust.

She remained up consistently

watching you.

She watched me consistently?

Indeed. With her eyes totally open.

I wasn’t nursing you,

so don’t feel awful.

See you later.

We’ll hand him over

to the preliminary examiner…

what’s more, head to the following case.

Why not enjoy a short reprieve?

I needn’t bother with a break.

I’ve rested a lot here.

– It’s seriously exhausting sitting idle.

– Excuse us.

Mama Ri…

Is there any good reason why she won’t quit dying?

Specialist. Wouldn’t you be able to stop the dying?

God help us. What do we do?

Do I have something all over?

Take a gander at the dark circles

on that lovely face.

It implies you need to rest.

You caught wind of Cho Do Chul, isn’t that so?

What might be said about it? That he disappeared?

That we have a case.

Gracious my gosh.

Try not to thump

in case you will burst in.

It’s much seriously irritating.

I’ll take on the Cho Do Chul case.

For what reason would you?

He’s missing. We need to discover him.

Precisely. For what reason would you do that?

The police are exploring.

Cho Do Chul is…

Try not to mind me.

I was centered around making espresso…

also, didn’t hear a thing.

Sit down.

Would it be advisable for me to stand by outside?

Try not to go anyplace.

You sit as well.


Much obliged.

Ms. Kang. You know Blue Bird,

the help establishment, isn’t that so?

Indeed. It’s a help establishment

for casualties of violations.

Truth be told.

He’s the head of the establishment.

It’s ideal to meet you.

I’m Jang Sung Chul.

It’s ideal to meet you.

She’s the one I referenced before,

who will chip away at site at Blue Bird.

Kang Ha Na.

Your meaning could be a little more obvious.

They need somebody who is steady,

so I suggested you.

Nobody tops you

with regards to steadiness.

You would prefer not to do it?

No, sir.

It isn’t so much that I would prefer not to…

Be that as it may, you never referenced it.

This is the main I’ve heard.

You’re addressing us,

so work really hard.

Quit stressing over Cho Do Chul.

I don’t have a clue how it will sound

for me to say this at this point,

in any case, I trust we get along.

Indeed, sir. I trust

we get along too.

Mr. Cho revealed to me a great deal about you.

I hear you’re acclaimed here.

– Is that right?

– Yes.

– What did he say?

– Freak…

– Freak?

– That you’re stunningly shrewd.

He said you’re

a stunningly shrewd investigator.

I’m certain he wouldn’t have said that.


Wangsimni Station please.

Cho Do Chul remained in isolation

when he was delivered.

The police presently can’t seem to find him.

How is it possible that scum would like that meander indiscriminately?

We have a specialist

to talk on this matter.

I’m too terrified to even consider bringing up a youngster

in this general public.


Don’t you concur?

Three bears live in a house

Daddy Bear, Mommy Bear,

what’s more, Baby Bear

Daddy Bear is fat

What’s up with them?

Hello! Watch where you’re going!

Is it true that you are folks alright?

Try not to cry. It’s alright.

What’s up with that vehicle?


What’s up with them?

That is so hazardous.

– It’s alright.

– Don’t cry.

How would it be advisable for us to respond?

God help us.

Of the relative multitude of activities,

must they deliver retribution

on a vehicle with kids in it?

– What’s off with him?

– Look at that taxi.

Why that…

(Rainbow Transport)

What was the deal?

[Kocowa Ver] SBS E01 ‘Cabbie’

“Would You Like to Take Revenge?”

– ♥ Ruo Xi �

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