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Running Man Episode 551, Dramas Korea Subtitle Indonesia.

[English] Running Man Episode 551 Running Man 551 Visitor: Seol In Ah, Lee Cho Hee and Jung Hye In “Try not to be companions with somebody who isn’t superior to you.” Confucius said. Today, the senseless individuals are… assembled in Variety Village to meet somebody better than them. (Amazing Partner Signal) Man 1 and Man 2 are the initial ones to show up. (Sweet) Hi. – Hello. – Hello. – Hello. – Hello. What? They have the principles for Variety Village. “The reason of Variety Village is to find…” “an ideal accomplice to show up on screen for a more drawn out timeframe.” “You may win your accomplice’s heart no holds barred.” Three. A part who neglects to discover an accomplice… will get a brutal punishment. Four. Whatever you do in Variety Village will be broadcasted… with no oversights or then again changes. And all individuals are assumed to continue to attempt… to win the hearts of different individuals even subsequent to discovering an accomplice… until the end to get the broadcast appointment and gold. What is this? Wonderful Partner? (What is this? Amazing Partner?) Amazing Partner? – An accomplice who’s appropriate for you. – An accomplice who’s appropriate for you. I see. You mean somebody in total agreement as me. Man Two is somewhat sluggish of comprehension. Indeed. What’s with your tone? Do I know you? You don’t have any acquaintance with me? That is the present idea, correct? For what reason are you so tall when we’ve quite recently met? – My gosh. – I need to gaze toward your face. Gracious, dear. (Laughing) – You should bring down it a bit. – I haven’t heard that in some time. “For what reason would you say you are so tall?” I haven’t heard it in quite a while. My gosh. There’s somebody hesitating along. Look. Who in the world right? For what reason would he say he is strutting that way? It says “Amazing Partner.” OK. Wonderful Partner Signal. Hello. Ideal to meet you. (Man 4 Kim Jong Kook, Man 3 Yang Se Chan) – He’s wearing shorts. – Nice to meet you. – He should be cold. – I know. It’s somewhat early. – It’s crisp today. – Nice to meet you. Hi. – Hello. – Nice to meet you. – Hello. – Hello. How are all of you? – Nice to meet you. – Welcome. – Hello. – Nice to meet you. – All right. – Gosh. What do you believe you’re doing? – Hello. – Hello. Gosh. – Hello. – Why is he… We’ve quite recently met. He’s extremely overwhelming. The thing is… We’ve quite recently met here. We’re here together man to man. What are you discussing? So we’re all men. However, for what reason are you… For what reason would you say you are strutting? For what reason are you swinging your arms this way? For what reason would you say you are doing this? I simply need you to feel my energy. You’re correct. There’s only one way you can feel it. (There’s only one way you can feel it.) – Hey! – What? – Okay. – Oh, dear. (He flaunts his solid hold out of nowhere.) – Come here. – wow. Okay. – Good. – I can’t accept this. Man Four is somewhat savage. He moves toward different individuals the manner in which he makes companions at an exercise center. I made my palms callused intentionally. – I see. – Can you feel it? Sure. I can thoroughly feel it. Incidentally, I suppose he’s the proprietor of this spot. – What? – There’s a grandpa. – He’s the proprietor of this spot. – I see. He’s the proprietor. – He possesses this spot. – Hello, sir. (Man 5 Jee Seok Jin, Man 6 Haha) – He possesses this spot. – Hello, sir. – What? – Is he wearing a tank top? Kindly don’t do this. – What’s with his jeans? – What’s the matter with him? – Who is that person? – This is insane. It is safe to say that he is in the style business? – I got goosebumps. – Hello. – What’s this? – You’re a man. For what reason are you wearing ladies’ garments when you’re a man? What’s that thing on the sleeves? Unnecessarily moved up sleeves what’s more, fancy sleeves. What’s more, a weaved crop top. His design that reminds you of a worker in middle age Europe… tosses Variety Village into disarray. I do like his outfit. In any case, I thought a lady was strolling in from the outset. What’s with the silky sleeves? I suppose he’s attempting to draw individuals’ consideration. Be that as it may, he’s completely mixed up. At that point what monitors Five think about his design? I think my outfit is extraordinary with regards to design. But on the other hand it’s incredible as far as theatrical presentations. This is Variety Village. The others should’ve minded about their outfits as well. – Hello. – Why are you wearing… ladies’ garments when you’re a man? What’s that thing on the sleeves? I know there’s no limit in style, however… I’m exceptionally keen on design. – Right. – Hello. – Hello. – I’m not kidding. Alright. Is it terrible that I’m keen on design? – But the trim… – What? This is… – my decorative liner. – Hello. (Man 6 is being excluded due to Man 5’s special design.) Man Six should be humiliated. – We can’t see him on account of Man 5. – I know. He’s unnoticeable. – My design… – I just met him today. Yet, I was truly humiliated on my way here. I see how you feel. It’s difficult to set another pattern. Yet, Man Five, on your way here, you continued checking your outfit this way. (Man 5, you continued checking your outfit this way.) Like this. – He didn’t know. – Did I do that? – Yes. – I didn’t check what I looked like. I didn’t will check my outfit prior to coming here. Going on like this, you’ll before long appear in a dress. That is false. With no disgrace. -‘s sufficiently that. – This is the thing that you advised me… prior to coming in here. At the point when we just met. “This is somewhat humiliating.” You said that, isn’t that right? Did you all see me previously? – Do I know you? – No. When you arrive, you’re battling against four individuals. That is false. I’m simply having a discussion. When you came in… Since we’ve recently met, we will stop here. – If we were companions… – It would’ve been not kidding. – You would’ve been damned. – I would’ve tossed this at him. I had a great deal of comments. You all are wicked. I’m fine with that. Man Five who appears to take blows well… has become the fashionista of Variety Village. Lady 1 and Woman 2 have quite recently shown up. – Really? – Please welcome them heartily. I think I know who’s coming. They appear to be fairly recognizable. Amazing Partner Signal? (Lady 1 Song Ji Hyo, Lady 2 Jeon So Min) Amazing Partner Signal. Men would normally go to them also, convey their sacks. Right. We should avoid that part. – Well… – We will skip it. I can see them over yonder. They are simply old buddies. – Right. – We know them. Lady 1 and Woman 2 come to Variety Village consistently. There’s no pressure around them. – Hello. – Nice to meet you. – Hello. – Welcome. Hi. – Hello. – They look great. – Hello. – You look extraordinary. – Hello. Ideal to meet you. – Hello. – Man 1. – Hello, Woman 2. Hi. Man One, for what reason are you playing with them as of now? No, I was trying to say hi. For what reason would you say you are playing with them? – What’s off with you? – Why are you doing this? – What did I do? – You just said you’d skip them. I can’t accept this. Man One attempts to intrigue the ladies with his absurd consideration. That draws unwanted consideration from different individuals. (The senseless individuals are quarreling over nothing.) (Gazing) – Come here. – You need them to pick you. Is that as a result of his outfit? For what reason would you advise them to remain close to you? – Come here. – Why? (Gazing) (Since they’ve recently met, she can’t utter a word mean.) – Now… – Look at them. (Lady 1 and Woman 2 attempt to keep down their chuckling.) – You both… – What’s off-base? (What’s up?) He’s Woman Five. I thought you were Kim Jang Hoon. (I thought you were Kim Jang Hoon.) He’s an extraordinary person. Where did your pack go? – You should keep your sack with you. – He was… He was so bothered… – With all the analysis… – Man Five… – He’s insane. – doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to do now. – That’s false. – He overlooked his pack. He put it here when he showed up. Furthermore, he said, “What? Why?” He just strolled directly into a front line that way. That is not it. Generally… Man Five is by and large very striking today. Would the ladies like his work? – Would they believe he’s difficult? – It’s pretty… They may feel that way. – He’s difficult. – I like that. That is acceptable. – Someone’s coming. – What? (Lady 3 appears directly at that point.) (Lady 3 Seol In Ah) (The entertainer with unadulterated what’s more, invigorating appeal, Seol In Ah) – Oh, hi. – Who’s coming? – Who’s she? – Woman Three. – My gosh. – Hey. (They appear to be much more energized than at the point when Woman 1 and Woman 2 appeared.) – Hello. – Hello. – In Ah. – Seol In Ah. She’s conveying her sack rather than pulling it. – She’s solid. – She’s truly solid. She’s solid. In Ah, for what reason would you say you are conveying it? I bet she’s solid. – Because it makes noisy commotions. – In Ah, come here. – Hello. – Hello. – Hello. – She got it and conveyed it. Like the one-arm free weight line. – The one-arm free weight column? – Yes. Lady Three is truly… – Woman Three looks complex. – She’s complex. She’s wearing a coat. I know. You folks look significantly more energized now. – Are we energized? – That’s a direct result of his outfit. – Right. – Look at his outfit. (The worker style outfit makes her applaud like a seal.) Lady Three, this isn’t a punishment. – Do you like this sort of design? – It’s not a punishment. – Do you like my garments? – I like that. – I knew it. – He’s in the style business. I’m in the style business. Indeed, even these three ladies are… wearing straightforward outfits. While everybody is scowling… at Man Five’s outfit, Lady Four is coming in unobtrusively. (Lady 4 Jeong

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