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Scene 8

Your Majesty. General Go wishes to see you.

Advise him to return later.


I was holding back to see you since early morning.

I advised you to return later.

It includes the Princess’s wellbeing.

Continue onward.


I didn’t get anything. Nobody knows…

what Songhwadang is.

That doesn’t mean you can drink my liquor.

Which man gets disturbed so without any problem?

Jin is more biased than he looks.

Do you have anything?

No. Nobody has known about that name.

Where is On Dal?

He has one final spot to inquire about.

Does he think he is Ga Jin’s significant other?

That is the thing that he resembles.

When he concludes he will secure something,

he will do it, regardless of whether the sky falls.

Ga Jin is actually similar to that.

She is something very similar.

It should be intense being companions

with somebody so disappointing.


Hello! Move.


Today should be my day for unwanted guests.

I’m a significant visitor.

I’m here to offer you an exit plan.

– What are you doing here?

– You don’t have to know.

The ones who ought to have

gone to Northern Zhou.

Where did you take them?

I’m speculating you offered them to Silla.

Disclose to me which street they are taking.


Do you purchase and sell individuals as well?

There isn’t anything in the

a world that can’t be exchanged.

That goes for individuals and their hearts.

You ought not to carry on despite Gochuga’s good faith.

Consider the possibility that he admonishes you once more.

This has nothing to do with my dad.

Despite what is generally expected,

the silver I got in return for the ladies.

Who do you think took half of it?

The Princess…

concealed herself among the

ladies auctions off as recognitions?

So General Go took the uncommon powers…

furthermore, the King brought Hae Ji Well.

The Princess has upset her fortune.

We ought to do as she wishes.

Try not to attempt to work yourself out with lies.

I’m here on the King’s order.

Disclose to me where the ladies are.

You should just chop me down.

I’m allowing you to confess all.

In any case, you deny it.

Would I be the lone blameworthy gathering?

I realized you would do this.

I sent a few men out at first light as of now.

They will check every one of the courses to Silla.

Regardless of whether you stay silent, I will

at last, get what I need.

Furthermore, the Princess will secure the ladies.

– The Princess?

– She is with them now.

To save the Goguryeo public.

Ga Jin? Where did she go?

She is a princess.


We looked through the principle

streets, wharves, and streams,

in any case, we were unable to discover the ladies.

You have one final possibility. Talk reality.

Cut out my tongue at that point cut my throat.

Hae Mo Yong!

Squirrel Pass.

Street pharmacists and poachers

from Silla pick that way.

That is the possible way out if

they need to go undetected.

General. Are you certain

you won’t lament this?

Tie her up and take her in!


General. General, you should not do this.

Lead the way.

Continue onward.

Hello. Stop there.

Who’s right?

– Is it yours?

– No.

It is at your feet!

No. It is hers, not mine.


Drop the sword.

Try not to do it. He can’t murder us.

Quiet down.

He paid a great deal of silver for us.

He won’t murder me.

I said, drop the sword.

Simply murder me as well! I don’t

need to live like this any longer!

– Kill me as well!

– Just slaughter me!

– Kill me!

– Kill me!

– Kill me!

– Keep calm!

Simply slaughter me!

I’m tired of this!

– Kill me!

– Kill me!


They are no more.

They have gone. We are protected at this point.

Is it accurate to say that you are OK?


Ga Jin.

Mo Yong.

I can’t accept this.

The Princess…

should be resolved to obliterate the Sono Tribe.

Quiet down.

Did Lord Kim likewise get captured?

No, I think he figured out how to run away to Silla.

That is the only thing that is important.

You should rapidly meet Gochuga

what’s more, figure out how to manage this.

I have effectively met him.

Gochujang is an exceptionally muddled man.

He has neglected to keep his

own child leveled out.

Princess, what is it

that you need to advise me?

It is sufficiently humiliating…

that he attempted to sell the ladies of Goguryeo.

However, he even subtly offered them to Silla.

Also, it was finished by the

top of the Sono Tribe.

I trust you are correct this time.

I saw it myself. I

heard and saw everything.

These ladies are additionally my observers.

Is it genuine that you were implied

to be shipped off Northern Zhou?

Take a gander at me.

Is that valid?

Indeed, Your Majesty.

– Yes, Your Majesty.

– Yes, Your Majesty.

It isn’t acceptable to let individuals

outside the royal residence hear them cry.

Allow us to discuss this inside.

He is correct.

We ought to likewise tune in to

what Lord Hae needs to say.

Try not to stress.

I will settle what occurred.

– Thank you.

– Thank you.

The Sono Tribe is accountable for…

exchanging a wide range of things,

which is likely what caused

the lamentable occurrence.

They are not things. They are individuals.

They are delightful ladies of Goguryeo.

How is it possible that you would give such a pardon…

subsequent to having made an arrangement

with a Silla vendor?

Ruler Hae.

What you did was silly and wrong.

I’m amazingly embarrassed about myself.

That isn’t sufficient.

You sold those ladies for

your very own advantage.

You disregarded the law and

exchanged with our foe, Silla.

They are largely genuine wrongdoings

that can’t be ignored.

We need to make one thing straight.

Master Hae didn’t do it for

his very own advantage.

I was the person who asked him for some help.

What do you mean, Gochuga?

Our nation is in monetary difficulty.

So I inquired as to whether he knew away

for us to assemble more silver.

I realize very well that he did

it out of reliability to Goguryeo.

In any case, that implies…

General Go, I need you to

go to the imperial distribution center…

what’s more, check the silvers.


General Go.

Release us back.

Gochujang is an exceptionally confounded man.

He has neglected to keep his

own child leveled out.

He advised me to move the silver…

to the imperial distribution center.

He additionally said he even as of now

moved the silver we gave him.

He is making a little

penance to save everybody.

All things considered, we will lose such a lot of cash.

We need to remain alive…

for any of that to significantly matter.

At the present time, we need to

ensure we stay alive.

He picked some unacceptable technique

to fill the depository store,

yet, you should not uncertainty Lord Hae’s faithfulness.

Furthermore, if this data spills…

furthermore, individuals of Northern

Zhou discover what occurred,

things will most likely turn crazy.

He is correct.

They will get irate at

us for misdirecting them.

Ruler Hae made a mystery

exchange with our adversary.

Is it accurate to say that you will allow him to pull off that?

His large commitment makes

up for his little error.

Father, I trust you will give

him the correct discipline.

Obviously Lord

Hae has submitted a transgression.

In any case, I acclaim his dedication to Goguryeo.

Furthermore, this occurrence

should remain classified…

to ensure the pride

what’s more, the face of our country.

Your Majesty.

Having the option to move away

with perpetrating wrongdoing…

as of now hurts the nobility of Goguryeo.

– Princess.

– wow.

I need the antiquarians to record this.

Regardless of how much force

or on the other hand abundance, one may have,

any individual who disregards the law

will be considered mindful.

That is the order…

that King Jumong had when he constructed Goguryeo.

Also, it is the guideline…

that King Pyeongwon follows

as he runs the country.

Despite the fact that I have reported

to keep this classified,

Ruler Hae will in any case need to take

duty regarding his activities.

– Your Majesty!

– Your Majesty!

Your Majesty!

Strike one!

Strike two!

I have trespassed incredibly.

– I have trespassed incredibly.

– Strike three!

Strike four!

Going on like this, the following individual

will either be me or you.

Ruler Jin.

Strike five!

How is saving the essence of a lawbreaker…

thought about a discipline?

We are discussing the

top of the Sono Tribe.

– It is as of now a major discipline…

– I have trespassed significantly.

for a man like him to go through this.

– I have trespassed significantly.

– I have trespassed significantly.

Strike seven!

Strike nine!

The Princess continues to carry on.

Are you going to let her

continue to carry on that way?

Your Highness.

Quiet down.

I securely sent the ladies home

alongside new garments…

also, some cash.

The individuals who live far away got

accompanied by my warriors.

Much thanks to you.

I would not have been capable

to save them without you.

At that point do you at last accept

that I will remain on your side?


Be that as it may, I am sure Gochuga is furious at this point.

I will attempt to discover away…

to prevent him from sending

you to the fringe.

No, that is among me and my dad.

You don’t have to stress over it.

I neglected to thank your

companion for driving the way.

If it’s not too much trouble, thank the backwoods folk for me.

You might have released it.

You didn’t need to rebuff him.

He perpetrated wrongdoing. I

couldn’t allow it to slide.

Be that as it may, this will make your subjects exceptionally annoyed.

I’m the ruler.

Must I care about how they feel?

I heard the Princess will no more

be limited in Magnolia Hall.

Restriction: FORBIDDING


Great going.

That will just bring

greater disorder to the castle.

My Queen.

Proceed to bring my medication.

Indeed, Your Majesty.

What’s going on here? Do you wish to

say something to me as well?


– What?

– I figure you made the best decision…

by rebuffing Lord Hae.

I realize it was a troublesome choice,

however, you did what you needed to do as the King.

I genuinely respect your choice.

Remove it.

I would prefer not to drink it today.

However, it will help you rest.

I advised you to remove it.

Indeed, Your Majesty.

Gosh, quit clearing. It is

just making the spot dusty.

Would it be advisable for me to come live here?

For what reason are you abruptly talking nonsense

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