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File: [English] Mr. Sovereign E09 NEXT





For what reason would you say you were remaining there?

That way!

Disregard “no contacting” today.

Your Highness.

Is it accurate to say that you are good?

Who is that?

Release us. Go out.

Scene 9

I let them snooze separate rooms

so they can rest serenely,

yet, I surmise I committed an error.

I heard something

break in the house.

I woke up to that sound too.

The entryway was torn as well.

It is dubious, so

we should investigate.

Nonetheless, we may end

up interfering with them.

It would not be peculiar if all of

our family products wound up broken.

That is the enthusiasm

of love birds.

We ought to secure their protection.

Stay away from the

house as you stand watch.

Indeed, sir.

I should go to the extension.

Will you oversee them?

– Yes.

– Take great consideration of them.

Control yourself, lady.

You needed to cause this

inconvenience, isn’t that right?

Would you like to battle with me?

Who in the world are

you battling with?

Avoid it.

This is between

Kim So Yong and me.

However long I’m in here,

I’ll move this body however i see fit.

The spirit inside expected to

be the proprietor of the body!

You should be as yet smashed.

You can’t recognize

between a fantasy and reality.

– Thank goodness.

– What are you discussing?

In any event, when I’m flushed, I

continuously discover my direction home…

No. This isn’t a fantasy.

It is highly unlikely you would

appear in my fantasies.

I’m grieved that I showed up…

in your fantasies.

Disregard your bad dream.


That tickles, Hong Yeon.

It isn’t here. On the off chance that this is

not, where right?

What’s up?

He was not bothered

on account of the past.

– Hey. Hello.

– What?

I was told we ought not

go close to the fundamental house.

– Why?

– I don’t have the foggiest idea.

– Have a seat.

– Okay.

Truly, I am concerned

about our Queen.

Did you hear anything?

About the Queen.

I heard that she runs

around everywhere…

at the point when she awakens

in the first part of the day.

My gosh. Quit babbling.

I saw her for her entire life, and

I have never seen her run.

– My gosh.

– It is valid.

– My gosh. That is peculiar.

– No, that is the thing that I heard.

– No.

– I don’t trust you.

It isn’t.

– Oh, my. The chicken!

– Grab it.

Stop in that general area!

He was wearing the robe of

the Department of Justice.

That implies…

You will wind up

dead. Quit drinking.

I’m parched.

The more I think it is

off-base, the more I need it.

I have a feeling that I will

pass on of thirst.

In the event that you are parched, you should

drink water, not alcohol.

Here. Present to us some water.

Indeed, sir.

The more alcohol you drink,

the thirstier you get.

I dozed so well as though

I got hit and swooned.

I know.

My body feels so light.

You. You.

The land this house is on

should be acceptable. I rested so well.

Is it normal for you

to awaken close to me?

For what reason would this be unnatural?

Dissimilar to in the royal residence, we don’t

need to pick a date to share a room,

so it is more normal to rest

in a similar room at your home.

It bodes well.

He’s in hostile area, so he needs

to rest close to me as a cover.

Your acting is so acceptable today.

OK. We should imagine we

had a hot night together.

It was a particularly hot evening

that it’s a finished wreck…

in here.

I suppose you recall

it this time.

I would have been pitiful if

you had not recalled that it…

like our first night together.

Is this a symptom of

her memory returning?

I’m similar to a quiet

infant when I rest.

I don’t have the opportunity to squander here.

I need to turn into an indispensable

individual to Sunwon soon.

So that regardless of whether a fiasco

happens in the Han family,

they won’t ever discover me.

The man in the veil and

I had a similar objective.

What amount does Kim

Byeong In know?

The record should not

go into their hands.

I will get back to the Palace

today regardless.

I will get the record

today regardless.

You will become ill like this.

When is the Queen

getting back to the Palace?

I will send a letter so she

could get back with King rapidly.

I have never discovered life in

the Palace to be exhausting,

however, with the Queen gone for a

two or three days, it feels so unfilled.

Is the Queen’s food

that uncommon?

It isn’t about her cooking.

I have developed to like her.

Warmth can be

a significant terrifying thing.

I was eager earlier today…

That is to say,

I missed the Queen profoundly

which made me awaken.

Gosh, you have my

compassion, Your Highness.

This is the reason being restrained

can be something frightening.

I’m under the impression

that I am utilizing others,

however, at a certain point, it was

me who had been restrained.

That is the reason you should discover other

individuals who can be useful to you.

I will teach the regal gourmet specialists

to become familiar with the Queen’s plans.

You have made my life at

the royal residence truly agreeable.

I have no reasons

to leave the royal residence.

This is the reason I hold

my present position.

It is to keep the ideal

world you have, Your Highness.

Goodness, right.

Advise Byeong In to come and

see me every now and then.

Do you…

need to address him?

He is your received child. I

had been excessively aloof.

I can give him a few

tasks occasionally.

You are going downhill at this point.

You should concentrate as it were

on significant issue.

All that worries

you is essential to me.

What’s going on with you?

Beginning now, the

Branch of Justice…

will check the characters

of the imperial watchmen.

As regal gatekeepers serve to

secure the King close by,

we should be careful to

check their personalities.

Try not to permit them to

move forward.

The entirety of the regal watchmen

have been checked…

through legitimate channels.

Individuals can undoubtedly purchase and sell

ancestry outlines these days.

Who can say for sure?

A few watchmen may

have entered…

the castle to plot treachery

with counterfeit characters.

Help out us, so we

can satisfy our obligations.

On the off chance that you can’t discover any

proof of your case,

I will…

utilize my position to

the fullest degree.

That is in the event that you can proceed

to stand firm on your situation.

Except if you are included

in the plan, move to one side.

– Search all over the place.

– Yes, my master.

Search each corner.

Try not to leave any archive.

Carry every one of them to the

Division of Justice.

– Yes, my master.

– Yes, my ruler.

I trust you had a tranquil evening.

I have gotten

an excellent bird.

What do you think?

The bird has wonderful quills.

I have brought this valuable

bird in to praise an event.

Do you have uplifting news?

The disastrous relationship

between the Queen…

what’s more, the Royal Noble Consort Eui

is more grounded than I had suspected.

There is something

I have not advised you.

Indeed, I have not told anybody.

It is a mysterious that in particular

the Queen and I know.

The Queen trusts I have taken

the King from her due to…

what happened eight years prior.

The toxic substance on our bolt

is developing further.

It is the ideal opportunity for us to

utilize our subsequent thing.


It is hard to

discover something comparable,

so it is requiring some investment.

In any case, I will carry it to you even

on the off chance that I need to make it myself.

Utilize this.

They will get some answers concerning

our regal watches in a matter of seconds.

Allow us to discover a way.

A man from the Department of

Equity ran into you the previous evening.

He saw your face. Will

that be an issue?

I don’t think he remembered me.

On the off chance that we run into one another once more,

he will acknowledge I was

pursuing the record.

Yet, he was wearing a remarkable

veil. It resembled a troll.

Did he have a scar on his jawline?

Indeed. It appeared to be an old scar.

He is the person who

tormented O Wol.

So this affirms

that Kim Jwa Geun…

had taken his action

through Kim Byeong In.


he doesn’t realize that the area

of the record has changed.

This evening is the last

chance we have.

Your Majesty, I have a

letter from the castle.

This is the letter from

Preparing Commander Kim Jwa Geun.

The top of the Department of

Equity has come to convey it.

Any individual from the

Branch of Justice…

could have without any problem

carried it to me.

Be that as it may, you brought it all things being equal?

Do you have that much

time to burn?

I have brought it actually

as it is vital.

Your Majesty and the Queen are inquired

to get back to the castle at this moment.

The Training Commander…

is requesting me to

get back to the castle?

He is handing-off the message

from the Grand Queen Dowager.

I will remain here one more

night for the Queen’s wellbeing.

– Tell him that.

– But…

I’m done here.

Try not to upset the

Sovereign’s rest and return.


His Majesty appears to be exceptionally concerned

about the Queen’s wellbeing.

I will transfer that to him.

I will eat with

the Queen in her room.

Present to us your standard breakfast.

If it’s not too much trouble, make it light.

Indeed, Your Majesty.

We will serve you

our standard breakfast.

As Royal Noble Consort

Eui’s home is close by,

I will get some information about

O Wol and return.

That is an extraordinary thought.

I felt awful for turning

her away yesterday.

I won’t be at the

royal residence for one more evening.

Kindly care for her.

Indeed, Your Majesty.

The Queen used to remain here all

day. However, since the Queen is no more,

the illustrious kitchen

feels so unfilled.

Presently, I can inhale once more.

Hello, you punk. Add

more canola oil.

You punk.

You should slash it all the more finely.

You should cook it rapidly

not to wreck the shape.

Things here are clearly

lovely and tranquil.

I do adore being the chief.

– Royal Chef!

– Royal Chef!

– Royal Chef!

– Royal Chef!

– Stop it.

– Royal Chef.

– Royal Chef.

– Royal Chef.

– Go back in.

– Yes, my master.

Pardon me, Court Lady Choi.

Court Lady Choi.

By the expression all over,

I take it that the Queen

has not recuperated at this point.

No. She has made

a full recuperation.

At that point, why the lon

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