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File: [English] Mr. Sovereign E08 NEXT





Did Special Director

Hong discover anything out?

It appears to be that Kim

Byeong In sorted out…

that the piece of the robe

he found is from the Palace.

He is following not far behind us.

We should hustle too.

– This isn’t assault preparing.

– Is that so?

For what reason would you say you are acting this way?

It is not normal for you to

lose your explanation.

I have been continually refraining

myself, so I am getting eager.

Scene 8, A


Scene 8


Release us.

Did you go chasing?

There is the well-known axiom

“Be comfortable…”

“Unwind and stand by until

they get worn out.”

While I rest, my

adversaries will get worn out.

You are right.

How could you get

it without a bow?

Utilizing a bow made my arms

furthermore, my fingers hurt,

so it made me feel that it

was not made for chasing,

in any case, to torment individuals.

Since your fingers and arms

slaughter you in the wake of utilizing a bow,

it is a chasing

gadget all things considered.

At any rate, it is simpler to

get creatures with a snare.

It is hazardous for just

you two to go.

You should consistently have security with

you at whatever point and any place you go.

I will do that next time.

What will we do about how you should

still be imperial watchman officer?

At the point when the Queen’s dad

is feeling good,

I will return his post to him.


For the

Preparing Commander’s wellbeing,

take this.

It is alright. I needn’t bother with it.

Try not to decline.

It is an imperial blessing.

I see.

Have you heard that

the Queen has woken up?

Is that so?

How is she feeling?

Fortunately, she is sound.

She defeated it.

Fortunately, she defeated it.

I should go see the

Sovereign immediately.

My gosh.

This isn’t the time

for you to visit her.

Since the Queen

has improved,

the most dire outcome imaginable

has been stayed away from.

I will proceed to look

for the record myself.

At that point I will go with you.

On the off chance that we go together, they

will be more careful.

You should watch out for the

circumstance inside the Palace.

The climate is decent today.

Catch me on the off chance that you can!

It should spring.

Will you wed me?

I may resemble this,

in any case, I own a goat.

Goodness. I don’t have the foggiest idea.

Your Majesty!

I needed her to return so severely.

Yet, just her recollections came

back rather than her spirit.

Her recollections came to me

before occasionally.

I had a migraine and my ears

rang at whatever point that occurs.

Yet, this time, it came

to me so easily.

Hong Yeon. You’re 19

a long time old this year.

Your first name isn’t Hong Yeon.

Your last name is Hong, and

your first name is Yeon.

It’s my feeling of smell.

The recollections identified with my

feeling of smell are returning.

However, the thing is…

for what reason am I so acceptable at this?

That is on the grounds that you played

this since the time you were youthful.

Since you have

recaptured your memory,

your gifts have

return too.

This is so wrecked.

Subsequent to being around there

state, everything got wrecked.

Stand by.

Why have I been thinking

in this current lady’s voice as well?

Did I…

lose my voice?

What are you discussing?

I hear you fine and dandy.

I acquired my finger, yet I

lost my voice. It resembles…

“The Little Mermaid”.

The observer who sold Court Lady Han

arsenic and said it was rodenticide,

also, the conditions that

carried it into the regal kitchen.

You should ensure that

it’s not possible for anyone to discover an issue…

with those two things.

I have a remark to the

top of the Department of Justice.

How odd.

The Palace has consistently been large,

in any case, it feels especially

large and void today.

The Queen is entering.

Do I maybe…

I consented to give the Queen Dowager

some time, so remember that.

– Pardon?

– It is following the request…

of the Internal Court,

so we will sit tight for the present.

In any case, plan everything…

so we can utilize

it whenever.

All things being equal, you should guarantee

to stay quiet about it.

We may have drawn up the

10,000 foot view this time,

however, the Queen Dowager

may be associated with…

individuals who attempted

to hurt the Queen.

In the event that we let her be, the

Sovereign may be in peril once more.

Individuals who are

attempting to hurt the Queen?

The Queen conceded that the lake

episode was an endeavored self destruction,

furthermore, this time it was

because of her wellbeing.

Is there something different?

Since the time she entered the Palace,

her life has been in harm’s way.

That is the reason I am dubious.

I comprehend.

There is a lot to do to get ready

for the regal meeting…

without the King.

I will get moving at this point.

Accomplished something

happen to the King?

He went to visit the Queen.

Is that so?

Byeong In!

I didn’t have any acquaintance with you were here.

You can talk.

Return home securely.

The sun is at high early afternoon. Why

would you advise him to return home?

I remained up the entire evening,

so I got confounded.

What were you chipping away at

that you remained up throughout the evening?

I was up throughout the late evening sharing

in a mysterious mission.

I wound up going through all

kinds of things as a result of it.

Did you discover anything?

Byeong In. I’m in a difficult situation.

I have begun to look all starry eyed at a lady

I ought not begin to look all starry eyed at.

Who in the world right?

For reasons unknown, the Palace

appears to be truly vacant today,

so my heart feels void as well.

I contemplated why

I felt like that,

what’s more, there is just a single lady who

is absent from the Palace…

at this moment.

The Queen.

It appears to be that I am in

love with the Queen.

– What did you say?

– How am I in adoration with my cousin?

This abuses the ethical law

of family connections.

We are from the

same family heredity.

No, this is no

unique in relation to interbreeding.

Besides, she is another person’s

lady as she is hitched to the King.

I have lost my psyche.

I didn’t lose it

nimbly. I’m a finished wreck.

Regardless of whether every one of those

things are optional,

what is generally significant…

is that she is so

a lot more established than me.

Is this not off-base?

Is the way that she is

more established significant here?

For what reason would you say you are getting angry with me?

You are talking

gibberish at this moment.

I’m heartbroken.

I won’t utter a word any longer.

No, it is fine. I’m

sorry for getting distraught.

You have never

raised your voice,

not to mention got distraught at me.

You have changed after

getting an administration position.

It is on the grounds that I was bothered.

I was not actually distraught at you.

For what reason did you come to

have a particularly thought?

It is on the grounds that I am

continually helped to remember her.

How she held the

parasol for the Queen,

how she remained right

close to the Queen,

also, how she ran while conveying

natural decoction for the Queen.

I continue to consider Hong

Yeon, the Queen’s court house cleaner.

In the event that you are reminded

of Hong Yeon,

for what reason do you think you are

in affection with the Queen?

Do you not know who I am?

I’m the sixteenth descendent and

just child of the third era…

of a group of judges,

Kim Hwan.

How is it possible that someone would like me fall

for a court house cleaner like her?

That is the reason I should be in

love with the Queen…

Am I in adoration with a court house cleaner?

I support your troublesome love.



Your Highness.

Where is the King?

He went to the Queen’s home.

For what reason did he go there

out of nowhere?

The Queen has recovered


He is utilizing his visit as an

pardon to check out her home.

Did you get injured?

It is not much.

I will go visit

the Queen also.

To what in particular do I owe this joy?




furthermore, short.

Everybody comes in

various shapes and sizes.

However, all of you have

one thing in like manner.

That would be…

your eyes.

You have the best

vision and point.

Also, you are the shooters I

have actually handpicked.

I have a normal

construct and tallness.

Which gathering do I have a place with?

You can be a sluggish witted man.

So here is the name I

have given your gathering.

Estranged Unit.

You have been dispatched…

to the forefronts as you

were viewed as unimportant.

With this rifle,

you will be the awesome

officer in Joseon.

Actually like me.

Rifles can take somebody’s life.

In any case, they can…

likewise save lives.

Get into a development

of five to fire.

This is a problem, yet I still

need to save this domain.


I came here to gather

something I need.

The primary thing is

the phoenix hair clip.

The phoenix hair clip?

Is that a present for the Queen?

In the event that this was intended for the Queen,

I would have asked Sanguiwon.

I needn’t bother with a gold plated

hair clip for the Queen.

I need one made of jade.

Be that as it may, as indicated by the imperial

respectability, just the Queen…

can wear a phoenix hair clip.


Also, concerning the

second thing I need…

I knew it. She needed to

bait His Majesty around here.

Accelerate. We should

show up there rapidly.

Indeed, Your Highness. Accelerate.

Before the Queen tells

him the mystery…

There is one contrast between

my story and “The Little Mermaid”.

She got her feet yet I got my

hands to the detriment of my voice.

It’s an amazement

after an amazement.

Am I going to lose

myself gradually?

In the event that I stay here,

that jerk, Secretary Han,

will get all that he needs.

I can outline his

predecessors for treachery,

chase down the Hans, and

remove his precursors.

I can annihilate three

ages of Hans,

so he never gets imagined.

Be that as it may, which family did he have a place with?

For what reason does she have

so numerous emotional episodes?

Are you all from the

Namsadang Troupe?

Why you’re so

great at neolttwigi?

This is anything but a serious deal

for the ladies of Joseon.

This is the best way to

look past these dividers.

I didn’t have the foggiest idea about the

which means behind it.

Right. Subsequent to living

here for seven days,

living as a lady in Joseon

is more enthusiastically than I anticipated.

In addition, I’m the Queen.

Yet, in the event that it implies I get to

take my bleeding reven

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