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Mr. Queen Episode 7, Dramas Korea Subtitle Indonesia.

File: [English] Mr. Sovereign E07 NEXT





My gosh.

I can’t accept the

incredible Jang Bong Hwan…

is depending on something like

this to support his life.

Life is so worthless, right?

I feel so roused

out of nowhere.

So here, I can be Thomas

Edison and Steve Jobs?

No. Is there any individual who

accomplished significantly more noteworthy things?

A saint who saved humanity.

Inside the Queen’s body,

I see something that

ought not be there.

An insidious soul.

She is controlled

by an underhanded soul!

I can’t leave you like this.

Disappear until the end of time.

Indeed, Willis Carrier. The one who

created the main forced air system.

– Your Highness!

– Your Highness!

Wake up, Your

Height! If it’s not too much trouble…

Your Highness.

Scene 7, MASK

– 100 joules is prepared.

– Clear.

Infuse epinephrine.

150 joules, charge.

– 150 joules is prepared.

– Clear.

– Hurry up.

– I’m going.

Is she not the court servant

from the Queen’s Palace?

Also, following her is

the regal doctor.

– What isn’t right?

– Her Highness is…

Your Majesty. It is risky!


Your Highness.

I considered everything, and I pester

you for your own advantage…

Your Highness.

Your Highness!

What was the deal?

Somebody has gone out to

bring the regal doctor.

Your Highness.

You should not do this.

You should not pass on like this.

I won’t annoy you any longer.

So kindly wake

up, Your Highness.

Accomplish something!

Your Highness!



– 100 joules, charge.

– 100 joules is prepared.


150 joules is prepared.

– He returned.

– What is this?

Gosh, it’s so splendid.

What’s going on with he?

His heartbeat is typical. What

about his pulse?

His pulse

is typical as well.

The medical clinic? Stand by, am I back?

I returned. I truly did.

Mr. Jang Bong Hwan.

You nearly kicked the bucket.

I know.

I figured my life would end while

being caught in a lady’s body.

How long has it been?

Right. How may days

have I been setting down?

My body feels so substantial.

It has been seven days.

The time passed just

as it did in Joseon.

To start with, assistance me up.

He’s been oblivious

for seven days,

so he’s in a vegetative state.

What do you mean by

vegetative state?

Tune in, Dr. Lee. Are

you discussing me?

For what reason would you say I’m in a

vegetative stage when I’m fine?

What are you discussing?

– Keep observing him.

– Yes, sir.

Where are you going?

Return! I’m thoroughly fine!

I’m absolutely fine!

What’s this? Can’t

anybody hear me?

I’m here. I returned.

I, Jang Bong Hwan, am back!

When is the regal

doctor arriving?


– Your Majesty!

– Your Majesty!

My Queen. Kindly wake up!

What in the world occurred?

She just held up

out of nowhere,

and afterward she got pale

what’s more, blacked out that way.

How is it possible that she would swoon

like this for reasons unknown?

It should be poison.

She probably been harmed!


Its absolutely impossible.

In addition to the fact that we take care

of the multitude of fixings…

prohibit untouchables from

entering this spot,

be that as it may, the Queen has not

eaten anything here.

What did the Queen do here?

Did she cook?


At that point she could have

devoured poison…

while tasting the dish or

fixings, Your Majesty.

I can’t make certain about that.

You jolts.

I was consistently apprehensive that…

something like

this may occur.

Eventually, this has occurred!

I can’t accept she

has been harmed!

I will…

I will investigate her.


This is…

not the beat of

a living individual.

What do you mean by that?

She is in a vegetative state.



She is in a vegetative state?

They consider it a vegetative state as

they can’t move like a vegetable.

Her blood course and qi energy

has accumulated to the highest point of her body,

so her soul has left her body,

what’s more, she has quit relaxing.

In the event that her qi energy returns,

she will live. Be that as it may, if not…

she will bite the dust.

What do you mean she will pass on?

At that point…

how should I deal with save her?

You should pour hwanotang and

sweet banner juice into her mouth.

Head Eunuch.

Go disclose to them you need

those restorative spices.

Indeed, Your Majesty.

Do you think the Queen

could remain alive up to that point?

That is the issue.

Don’t simply remain there and

pause. Accomplish something at this moment!

Kindly save our sovereign.

To do that,

we should move her.

Allow us to go to Daejojeon Hall.

Your Highness.

Sovereign Dowager.

You should dispose of the fiendishness

soul in the Queen’s body.

You should do it at the present time.

Is there a way?

We should put dismal things

around Daejojeon Hall…

furthermore, block the energy.

At that point we should pursue it

away with an expulsion.

That is perilous. We can’t

play out an expulsion in the Palace.

In the event that we get captured…

It will be silly if

it isn’t in the Palace.

It should be done in the

nearest spot to the Queen…

for it to be compelling.


Indeed, ma’am.

– Are you done?

– Yes, I am finished.

What was the deal?

The patient just went

into heart failure.

Tune in. Here. Look here.

Would you be able to hear me?

Is it accurate to say that he is saying something?

Indeed. You hear me,

correct? I knew it.

I can see and hear everything, so

how might I be in a vegetative state?

Is that so?

Is it accurate to say that he is truly saying something?

He says he’s being

dishonestly charged.

Hello, you stupid, little nitwit.

– I can hear you, you jerk.

– I’m certain he feels that way.

He’s stuck in Mr. Han

what’s more, the executive’s battle…

what’s more, is going to

assume all the fault.

What is happening?

This was all Mr. Han,

that jerk’s doing?

Begin treating her.

The more I investigate him,

the crazier he appears,

be that as it may, he’s not the sort to

be defrauded this way.

How would he be able to respond? It’s a circumstance

where he will consistently wind up losing.

It very well may be better for him

to lay here like this.

Is it accurate to say that you are being not kidding at the present time?

On the off chance that you were in my circumstance, would

you lay here and endure like me?

Is that something that

investigators should say?

At that point…

I will put my life on the

line and apply needle therapy.

I will not let him be.

That underhanded jerk, Mr. Han.


I will bite him up.

What are you doing here?

My Queen!

– Your Highness!

– Your Highness!

Your Highness!

You ate everything without being

wary, and you even took poison.

What else would you like to bite?

We have survived

the greatest emergency.

Be that as it may, for what reason is she

still oblivious?

She has begun breathing once more,

be that as it may, she isn’t

back to typical yet.

She could fall once again into

a basic condition,

so we should watch out for her.

Are you saying that

she is as yet at serious risk?

Around evening time…

is the vital second.

The lord has gone

into Daejojeon Hall.


The Queen has fallen,

also, he needs to remain close by

the entire evening and medical attendant her himself.

I comprehend.

You should change your…

I disclosed to you I comprehend.

Make certain to stay silent.

On the off chance that this gets known, you

won’t be protected all things considered.

Obviously. I know it well.

I can hardly imagine how kid is

working for the Queen’s court woman.

How could everything fall

into place this way?

I knew it. The

soul is helping us.

Sovereign Dowager, would you say you are inside?

There will be a major petition soon.

I’m planning for it.

It’s anything but a serious deal,

so if it’s not too much trouble, grab a chair.

I have something to advise you.

I heard.

You asked your dad

to pull out the allure.

Last time, you advised me…

that I don’t need to

do anything myself.

– I did.

– What if…

I need to accomplish something myself?

Does that mean…

I can defeat the

Sovereign without a doubt?

I will remain here all

night, so you may leave.

It is late, and I am

apprehensive you may wind up…

becoming ill also.

It is OK.

Head Eunuch, you may leave.

Indeed, Your Majesty.

There’s not so much as one day I felt

agreeable in the wake of coming here.

My significant other who dozes under something similar

cover with me attempts to murder me.

On the off chance that you feel like your

tongue is getting firm,

try not to stop for a second

furthermore, move your hand.

“Get lost”?

I assembled my

fortitude to apologize,

also, that is the as it were

thing you can say?

Hello. On the off chance that it’s up to an individual

who apologizes and…

not an individual who

is apologized to,

is it an expression of remorse?

It’s past the point of no return. Your

understanding amounts to nothing now.

I had trusted that…

it wasn’t past the point of no return

to get you.

This is superior texture.

In the event that I had made garments

with this material,

it is extremely unlikely I

would not recollect.

Is it accurate to say that you are certain?

To make silk

blossoms for the feast,

you had some silk conveyed.

Indeed, sir.

In any case, was it not an unnecessary sum

of silk to make a few blossoms?

The thing is…

the consultant to the

Regal Cuisine Office,

Master Kim Mun Geun, took it.

Ruled Kim Mun Geun

accept this silk too?

This is…

He was by all accounts

consuming something uncommon,

so I discovered him dubious

furthermore, investigated it.

I’m certain of it.

Sovereign Yeongpyeong?

Could the King have

been behind it?


The Queen Dowager and

Regal Noble Consort Eui…

have held hands to perform

a custom in the castle?


I thought Royal Noble

Associate Eui was smart,

however, it appears she is no more excellent

than the Queen Dowager.

That is uplifting news.

I will actually want to educate those

two stupid ladies an exercise.

Reproving them about

the custom and charms…

will make great

grub for tattle.

In any case, that won’t end them.

You are correct.

I wish I could accomplish more than

simply showing them a thing or two.

This is the Head Eunuch.

I accompany earnest news.

Come in.

What is this about?

The Queen has quit relaxing

what’s more, fallen into a vegetative state.

She quit relaxing?

She began breathing once more

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