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Right. Over here.

In the tactics section
of “Wubei Zhi”,

if there are fewer
allies than enemies,

run away to a rough area.

And if you are unable to
protect it, retreat and…

She is a strange woman.

Gosh, Your Majesty.

She behaves strangely.

Until when should I dance to
royal ancestral rite music?


served in the Special Forces.

– She speaks arrogantly.
– Come at me.

You must think you’re
a king or something.

I am the king.

Thank you.

Have you lost your mind?

Never mind. I
don’t care anymore.

Get lost.

She also acts so wildly.

At times she makes decisions
that seem like Buddha.

So please do not hurt those
who did nothing wrong.

And at other times, she
gets as mad as a demon.

If I don’t get angry in this
situation, am I a human?

I’d be Buddha!

In some ways, she is very human,

and trying to understand
this mysterious woman…

It’s too late. Your
understanding means nothing now.

Is it really too late?

Was my explanation difficult?

– What did you say?
– You were not paying attention.

What were you thinking about…

that you were not paying attention
to your favorite book on tactics?

You must have been thinking
about Lady Hwa Jin.

No, I was not.

There is no need to lie.

The look in your eyes shows that
you were thinking of a woman…

I was thinking about the Queen.


So please refrain from saying
such uncomfortable things.

The Queen is a woman,

but you know that I
do not see her as one.

It makes sense. Since
she is so unpredictable,

you are inevitably
bothered by her.

The Queen is the most
eccentric and strange person…

I have met in my entire life.

As if she has come
from a different world.

An expression that best
describes the Queen is…

Let me see.

It is a word that describes a
being from outside of this world.


– “Alien”?
– Yes.

It fits her very well.


Has it finally stopped raining?

It was raining so hard.

I hope that nobody
suffered any damages.

I agree.

I am worried.

Until when are you going to
speak in a weird way like that?

Until today. Just until today.

Everything will be back to
its place tomorrow! Yes!

No way.

Your Majesty!

Open the gates! It
is the King’s order!

– Open the gates!
– Open the gates!


Are you okay?

Darn it.

What are you doing?

Not too long ago,
you tried to kill me.

I should ask you the same thing!

I cannot believe you tried
to end your life again.

Have you lost your mind?

Why do you care if I die or not?

Isn’t it what you wanted?

So don’t interrupt and get lost.

It is not too late for
me to understand you.

Let us do as you said.

No touching.

That’s right. No touching.

– Goodness.
– Darn it.

What are you doing? Let me go!

Darn it!

You said you wanted no touching,
so why are you giving up on life?

You want me to kill
you, don’t you?

How dare you touch me
without permission?

It makes sense
that you are angry.

I have committed a great sin
and a debt I cannot repay.

I know it all sounds like excuses,
but there was a misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding or not, I
don’t care about your situation.

Please at least
listen to my excuses.

I don’t want to listen
to your excuses.

– Move.
– No.

Since I agreed to no touching,

I will not leave you alone.

Do you even know what
no touching means?

I do.

I remember everything
that you said to me.

No touching.

Living a happy and fun life.

You must live, My Queen.

You’ve missed out the
most important word.


You live as you want,
and I live as I want.

The emphasis isn’t
on the word “live”.

It is on “separately”.

I will do everything that I can
to abide by your no-touching rule.

I will look for a way for
both you and I to live.

Forget it. Forget about
the no-touching rule!

Why not?

The no-touching rule I’m talking
about is different from yours.

One small thing has made
them totally opposites.

They are not different.

I will prove it to you.

So let us follow the
no-touching rule.

I won’t follow the
no-touching rule!

Let us follow the
no-touching rule!

Darn it.


– Your Highness!
– Your Highness!

Your Majesty. What is going on?

Call for the Head
Eunuch quickly.

I am okay, so take
care of the Queen.

– Yes, Your Majesty.
– Yes, Your Majesty.

Your Highness.



I missed you.

I also missed you.

Are you inside?

Yes, Father.

I see that you are
already dressed.

Did you sleep well?


I woke up early as today is
the day you enter the Palace.

I will do my best so
that I do not taint…

your name and our family.

I’m glad it is not raining anymore.
It will be easier to get there.

Finish getting ready.

I will.

I was on the brink of
suffocating to death.

Honestly, I could’ve been in
danger if Cheoljong didn’t save me.

Why won’t this woman come back?

What happened to
you and the King?

Why did you go to the
lake at this hour?

Are you still taking your time?

I finished wiping
everything down.

When did you even leave? I
was keeping my eye on you.

Did you jump into
the lake again?

It’s not what you think.

Your Highness. I have brought
the outfit you can change into.

Then how did you get wet?

It’s nothing. I was excited to
see the lake filled with water,

so I went swimming.


The two of you went swimming?

You must not do that.

What if you end up
catching a cold?

Perhaps the lake isn’t
the way to go back.

This doesn’t make sense.

Your Majesty.

You are here.

I looked everywhere for you.

Why were you in such a hurry…

Why are you so wet?

– It is nothing.
– But…

My life is filled with sin,

so I will live to help
you, Lady Hwa Jin.

I am sorry. I did not see you.

Did you really not see me?

If a person without any
power knows too much,

they will die in the end.

That is the rule of the palace.

I must live.

Lady Hwa Jin told me to live.

The Queen fell into the
lake again at dawn today.

But this time, the King also…

It seems like nobody knows
why they both fell in.

Will this be…

enough to prove my use to you?

Relay that message
to the Queen Dowager.

Should I describe the Queen’s
behaviors as they are?

As you relay that
message to her,

tell me everything you
see and hear from her…

no matter how small it is.

It is not up to you to choose
which information is useful.

I will do as you say.

From now on, you will be
report to the court lady…

that handles the
Queen’s bedchamber.

Bedchamber, my lord?

That position comes
with a high salary.

Thank you, my lord.

The Queen Dowager will think
you will be more useful to her.

And keep a close eye on the
Queen’s whereabouts as well.

Yes. Leave it to me, my lord.

Should I draw a
bloomed flower…

or a budding flower?

What do you think, O Wol?

His Majesty is the only one…

I have left now.

Your Highness, the
Queen Dowager is here.

Hello, Your Highness.

You were drawing orchids.

Is it finished?

Not yet.

I have not decided whether
to add a flower or a bud.

Let me see.

In my opinion, a
budding flower will do.

It will make them
curious and wonder…

what kind of flower it will be.

Gosh, how beautiful.

I hope the buds would not
face any misfortunes…

of withering away without
being able to bloom.

Oh, right.

I came here because I
have a small gift for you.

Thank you.

I did not know what you liked,

so it took me some time as
I gave it a lot of thought.

I heard that you are
an excellent archer.

I am planning to
learn archery myself.

I prepared some for you
as I got them for myself.

These are beautiful
and strong arrows.

Thank you.

That is not the
real gift, though.

The real gift will
be delivered…

to His Majesty during the
meeting in court today.

Where if not the lake?

The only thing in
common is water.

There’s one more.

Both of us were on
the verge of death.

Oh, my. What if I try it
and really end up dying?

Dying hurts so much.

I’m sure there is a safe
and peaceful way to go back.

I should understand
this woman first.

I am Kim So Yong.

I ended myself.

“Desert your false self”?

“Desert your false self”?

Why did I try to kill myself?
Because I don’t want to live.

Of course, that’s why
she won’t come back.

This woman… Did she
run away from home?

I finally understand
why you are doing this.

You obsess over the lake…

and keep mumbling to yourself.

Right now, you are…

trying to get your
memories back, right?

Yes. That’s right.


That brings me to this question.
When I fell into the lake,

you said I didn’t wake up although
I was pulled out right away.


Darn it. I knew
it. She ran away.

This isn’t fair.

I want to go back.

This is kidnapping!

The grilled gizzard shad can
bring back runaway wives.

But memorial services for
spirits who left their bodies?

A ritual?

Yes. I should hold
a huge ritual.

I will plaster this place
with expensive talismans.

Are you outside,
Court Lady Choi?

Is there anyone who specializes
in rituals or talismans?


You should not take an
interest in shamanism,

but you will end up
doing it anyway, right?

There is one person that
comes to my mind now.

But what?

Why did she come all the way
here? What does she want to know?

To what do I owe this pleasure?

I heard you were the expert.

I am? In what?

I need some spiritual guidance.

Things like rituals
or talismans.

Did she figure out that
I got a new talisman…

to curse her?

My gosh. How vulgar.

Why do you need such items?

It’s not a big deal.

I need to bring in a spirit
that has left the body.

I’m sure this happens
often. You know?

She is cleverly trying
to bond with me.

I am sure she wants to expose
me for having talismans.

What a sly fox.

I do not believe in such things.

Like ghosts or spirits.

Then, what is the
purpose of this place?

You got the wrong idea.

This is not a shamanistic place.

This is where I
cleanse my heart.

I see.

What is this?


But whose spirit are
you trying to summon?

Should I say we are
very intimate or tight?

It’s a woman, so don’t
get the wrong idea.

I see.

It must be your mother
whom you have never seen.

My gosh. My heart
breaks for you.

You must be lonely
in the palace.

But you must miss
your late mother.

Is that why…

you were trying
to end your life?

Is that what you think?

You can tell me everything.

I did not give
birth to the King…

but based on the
genealogy, I am his mother.

Starting today, I will cherish you
as my daughter and take good care…

I already have two mothers.

But the truth is, I wasn’t
trying to kill myself.

Then, why did you say that you
were trying to end your life?


Why on earth did I do that?

So you want me to guess?

It means she has
an ulterior motive.

So she is threatening me and
saying that I should be on my toes.

Darn it. That wasn’t
helpful at all.

The royal conference
has not been held yet.

But she is making a move
already to threaten me?

Court Lady Han, they must
also have a little bird…

that delivers rumors to them.

Pardon? But who would do that?

She barged in confidently
and dropped clues on purpose,

so it must be someone we
cannot figure out easily.

Contact the fortune-teller,
Court Lady Han.

I must get a reading.

She was tormented by something,
so she tried to take her own life.

But she couldn’t even die.

So her soul was like,
“Whatever. I’m out.”

And she’s not returning.

What was she tormented by?

The Grand Queen Dowager said
she didn’t want to become Queen.

Why not?

Because Cheoljong
didn’t love her…

and was head over heels
for another woman?

Gosh, no way.

Did she try to take her own
life because of that jerk?

Her Highness is talking to
herself more than usual.

Many are listening.

That is the least
of my concerns.

I nag her about it, but I
should really let it go.

She will kill someone
soon at this rate.

But then again, I know this
now that I’ve experienced it.

Being a queen is like
sitting in a barless prison.

From a noble family and
chosen to become Queen,

which means she
never really dated.

She probably had never even seen
a boy until she met Cheoljong.

And given the fact that
he is King and all that,

I understand why she
fell hard for him.

Hold on a second. She must be
having a lot of fun right now.

After leading an ascetic
lifestyle all her life,

she experienced a new world.

What if this woman is…

She’d better not be doing
funny things with my body!

What the…


Come back at once. I’m
going to teach you a lesson!

You won’t come back?

What is so interesting that
you are all staring at it?

Then I’m going to…

stab your body. Until it bleeds!

It’ll hurt, big-time.

You don’t think I can do it?
I’m doing it, okay? Here we go!

Gosh, that hurts.

This time, I’m actually going
to do it until I see blood.

– Your Highness!
– Your Highness!

That really hurt!

– It hurt so much.
– Let me help you up.

It hurt…

– My gosh.
– I have reached my limits.

Coming back, not coming back.

Coming back.

Not coming back.


Your Highness, please
do not be concerned.

It will return when
the time is right.

But by then, I
would already be…

Calling the spirit.

Are you here?

Calling the spirit.

Are you here?

Since we’re sharing
each other’s bodies,

let’s have an open,
candid conversation.

You are talking to yourself
again, Your Highness?

Consider this a
self-conducted exorcism…

or a conversation with the self.

What will you do if
strange rumors spread?

Word travels exceptionally
fast in the palace.

What is that? It looks nice.

His Majesty bestowed this
upon Your Highness as a gift.

I went and got it for you.


There is something inside.


My gosh! How pretty.

Gosh, look at him
going on about this.

When I wanted to do it, he
turned me down. So why now?

Did you catch a cold?

I knew this would happen.

You got soaked in the rain
and even played in the water.

Gosh, what do I do with you?


This isn’t a cold.

Then what is it?

This is…

a disease called despair.

I thought everything would be
resolved once the lake filled up.

You see, hope is
such a cruel thing.

To regain memory, you even
wanted to do a shamanic ritual.

I hope you can stop
trying so hard.

If you had a lot
of good memories,

you would not have tried
to take your own life.

For the sake of your happiness,

maybe it is better that
it never returns…

No! It must return.

I can’t live like this.

I’ll tell the royal kitchen to make
foods that can help treat your cold.

Your Highness should eat
that and get some rest.

No, I will make this
woman surrender…

and come back of her own
accord, at all costs.

Here, blow your nose.

Hey, don’t treat me like
a kid. I’m not an idiot.

One more time.

– Eunuch Cha.
– Yes, sir.

Your Majesty, you have a cold.
Please return to your chamber.

No, this is not a cold.

This is…

I suppose it is a
cold. You were right.

Still no word from
Daejojeon Hall?

– No, Your Majesty.
– Did she receive the book?

Yes, Your Majesty.

Of course, it would not be
easy to open a closed heart.

I have a favor to ask of you.

I need you to get me
something precious.

By “something precious”,
do you mean…

What are you thinking?

We hereby appoint
Kim Byeong In…

as the head of the
Department of Justice.

I trust that you will
excel in this position.

I am much obliged, Your Majesty.

I have heard so much about
you. The youngest to pass…

the civil service exam and
skilled in martial arts.

Despite all your knowledge
and talent in martial arts,

you had been refusing to accept
a post in the government,

which left everyone curious.

What prompted you to
change your mind this time?

“One must save one’s
country in times of crisis.”

At this time of crisis,
I wish to contribute…

to restoring order
in this nation.


My goodness, the ministers must
have been keeping it from me…

for they did not want
to cause me concern.

Who is it this time?
Qing or the Japanese?

An internal crisis…

is more dangerous
than an external one.

There is an internal crisis
that never existed before?

That must mean…

Oh, I have a cold.

Gosh, a sage king ought to know
how to look after his health.

Open wide.

You must return
to your chamber…

and get some rest
after you finish this.

No, I’ll stay out here so
my cold will get worse.

I’m going to abuse this body.

It’s not my body anyway.

I’ll never let it
stay warm and full.

I want more.

Your Highness,

abusing your body would not
help you regain your memory.

It will only cause you pain.

You keep saying that
it is not your body,

but it is yours even though
your memories are gone.

Who will suffer? You, of course.

Even without your memories,

I am sure you will
have a happy life.

Look at the sky. The weather
is great today. How nice is it?

Right. It’s free of fine dust.

The breeze carries the
smell of fresh compost.

Korean food for all three meals.

Yes, this is enough
to make me happy.

Of course. I’m happy with it.

Yes, Your Highness.

Your Highness, are you crying?

No. I’m not crying.
I am so happy.

Like you said,

I’ll try to like this place
and live a happy life here.

Are you that sad because your
memories are not returning?

This is an appeal from tens
of people from the court…

including myself as we are
greatly worried about…

the Queen’s state.

What on earth…

Are you discussing
to depose the Queen?

– What?
– What?

The Queen habitually
tries to end her life,

so we would like to
strengthen the Internal Court.

I ask you to consider
deposing the Queen.

The Queen has made a false
statement in order to keep…

Royal Noble Consort Eui safe.

After falling into the
lake, her mind has been ill.

She confuses herself
with someone else.

And whenever she looks at the water,
she jumps and tries to kill herself.

Everyone is
gossiping about that!

If you believe gossips
have any truth to them,

the gossip that Royal
Noble Consort Eui…

had pushed the Queen
also must be true.


– How dare you?
– Hey.

Be quiet!

I will dismiss this appeal as
it was not handled properly.

You must file this
properly to Seungjeongwon.

However, I can guarantee you
this as I am her husband,

the closest person
to observe her.

Her mind is not ill.

– However…
– Things are getting heated.

I’d like to ask to end the
royal conference here for today.

Let us.

Your Highness.

What brings you here, my cousin?

I heard that you were here.

Did you hear the news?

– What?
– His Majesty is here.

My Queen.

You are already here.

You are the one who
is late, Your Majesty.

I thought perhaps, I
was being sensitive,

but it is no secret that my head
of the Department of Justice…

is unhappy with me.

Head of the
Department of Justice?

You dismissed and
humiliated the Queen…

who had saved your lover
in front of everyone.

I can picture how you have been
treating the Queen all this time.

Perhaps, that must be why
she tried to end her life.

Well, don’t look at me.

In the end, the Queen is
in a predicament because…

she saved Royal
Noble Consort Eui.

– What will you do then?
– In a predicament?

I will not let her
be in a predicament.

How? What can you do?

Are you crossing the line…

as the Queen’s cousin…

or as the adopted son
of Lord Kim Jwa Geun?

You have no power
to protect her.

I am objectively telling
you what I am seeing.

I have no power?

I agree.

However, I do not have to
defeat power with power.

There is a way to defeat it
in a peaceful and safe way.

If it requires me to be
more peaceful, I will be.

If it means to
protect the Queen,

I will stay weak as
long as anyone wants.

There is no need for that.

I will protect the Queen.

It is faster to defeat
power with more power.


What’s going on here?

It sounds like it’s my problem.

Why are you two
fighting about it?

What’s going on with me?
What is it this time?

I received an appeal to
depose you, My Queen.

Gosh. Right after I decided
to try to like this place?

They were eager
to kill me before.

Now, they want to kick me out.

Who brought up to
depose you before today?

The Grand Queen Dowager
was angry at me.

I will talk to her.

I do have a solution in mind.

Oh, no. You caught a
cold too, My Queen.

You too?

Although this is urgent,

you must go back
inside and rest.

If that is everything you
wanted to say, leave us be.

We must discuss something
as a husband and a wife.

There is something I must
tell you, so I will wait.

– I will come back again.
– Okay.

I was going to wait until
you had an answer for me.

But I am running out of time.

Starting now, I will follow
the no-touching rule.

Why are you bringing
that up now?

If you do not wish to follow
it, I will follow it alone.

No touching.

You misunderstood that.

– Give me your hand.
– Why?

What are you doing?

My life…

was always in the
hands of your clan.

I must have been
blinded by that.

I failed to see that you are also
an innocent woman who is trying…

to make the best
of what you have.

I am sorry that it
took me so long.

Please give me one more chance.

A chance to understand you…

as an individual
without any prejudices.

You didn’t have to do that.

I know you are not
fond of big gestures.

But I should apologize to
you properly at least once.

Suit yourself.

Fine. Let’s do it. No touching.

I’m in no place to
turn down anyone.

Then, today is our first day.


The first day of our
no-touching rule.

– Don’t say something like that.
– Why not?

Just don’t. Never
say that again.

What is wrong with what I said?

Today is our first day.

My gosh. Just don’t say that!

I mean, saying today
is our first day…

Stop it!

I bet you know what
that means, right?

Today is our first day…

Stop it. That’s so disgusting!

– But it is our first day.
– Stop it.

– Our…
– Stop it.

Then, now that we
have settled on that,

I will do my best
to protect you.

Right. I have no
time to waste either.


Wait. Please do
not run. Do not…

You might get hurt.

Go ahead.

If the Queen is unhappy,
you will be unhappy too.

– Is that a threat?
– Just my concern.

You are only her cousin, but
you are way too overprotective.

No, you are way too
indifferent, Your Majesty.

I know I do not hold much power,

but there are
proprieties to follow.

If you cross the line again,

I will raise a question
regarding your behaviors.

Please go ahead.

I will make you write…

a very lengthy apology letter.

A very long one.

You might have to
stay up all night.

And your fingers will hurt.

Do they truly believe
she can be deposed?

Because of that mere appeal?

They are trying to gather
power through the appeal.

They will gather people
who dislike our clan…

and increase the number of
appeals. It is very obvious.

How dare they make their
move so recklessly?

We were bound to go
through this at least once.

Your Highness,

the Queen is here.

Show Her Highness in.

I apologize deeply
for worrying you.

I deserved to be deposed.

However, even if I get deposed,

the Grand Queen
Dowager must depose me.

It is not right for a member of
the Pungyang Jo clan to do so.

No matter how foolish you may
be, nobody can bear to see…

someone boss around one
of their subordinates.

This is a matter of pride.

If I get deposed by someone
from the Pungyang Jo clan,

it will not be my loss,

it will be the loss of
the Andong Kim clan.

If you are so aware of that,

how could you do something
to be accountable for?

What they rely on
are the rumors.

I will take care of it.

How will you do that?

You must never let a
good crisis go to waste.

If you give me a bit of time,
I will take this opportunity…

to change my reputation.

Today, the King
took your side…

when he received the appeal.

Cheoljong, that jerk, did?

The fact that the
Queen took action…

did not go to waste.

I must give the Queen
Dowager Jo a proper lesson.

I must show her who the
owner of this palace is.

Are these all the
palanquin bearers?

The thing is…

Select some more. Make
sure they’re funny.

Yes, Your Highness. Funny.


Make sure they are tall
and have nice bodies.

Obviously, they
must be young too.

Are you really choosing
palanquin bearers?

I’m not simply choosing riders
to carry the food palanquins.

You’ll be surprised
when you find out.

What I’m choosing is…

– Right. Did you hear the rumors?
– What rumors?

The Queen did not try
to commit suicide.

She was trying to save the King
and the Royal Noble Consort Eui.

She was trying to save the King
and the Royal Noble Consort Eui,

so she lied and said she was
trying to commit suicide.

Gosh, it’s hot.

– Is it family…
– Or husband.

– That is…
– The question.

As a result, she lost the confidence
of the Grand Queen Dowager…

But the Queen put a silver
knife to her throat and said…

“I will escape from
this unlucky fate…”

“where I cannot
choose either side.”

That is what she said.

She was the witch
of the royal villa.

According to the rumors,

she experienced a
world of paradise.

Because she fell into the lake?

After she met the
Great Jade Emperor,

she transformed into a fairy.

This is good.

I’m not simply choosing riders
to carry the food palanquins.

I’m choosing storytellers.

They’re human tabloids who will
spread rumors like a disease.


When rumors begin spreading,
it ends up becoming infectious.

It spreads so fast that not even the
person who started them can stop it.

It also evolves in
unexpected ways.

But if she did not
try to commit suicide,

that means that the person who
pushed the Queen into the lake…

Does that mean that the
Queen risked her life…

to save the concubine
who tried to kill her?

– Oh, my goodness.
– Oh, my goodness.

I suddenly have chills.

You must really
get some rest now.

This will not do. I will
carry you if I must.

Gosh. All right.

Now that Court Lady Choi
doesn’t nag me, you do.

Is there a law of
conservation of nagging?

I haven’t seen Court Lady
Choi for a while now.

It’s so cold.

Can you hug me a bit
tighter? It’s cold.

Your Highness!

How could you hurt yourself?

Do you want to see
me lose my mind?

How could you go
swimming with the King?

Do you intend to put
the nation in danger?

A talisman? A ritual?

You must not participate
in such superstitions.

You must not speak
like that either!

Everything from 1 to 10,

you must not do any of it!

I do not feel refreshed
even after doing this.

If I nag her, Her
Highness will be troubled.

If I do not nag
her, I am troubled.

What can I do about this?

Your Highness!

– Did you hear the rumors?
– Pardon?

Everyone in the Palace
is talking about it.

They said that the
Queen risked her life…

to save you, who
tried to kill her.

Who would say such things?

Did the Queen say that?

She changed the rumors that she
was the witch of the royal villa…

to say that she is like Buddha,
a fairy, and a virtuous woman.

She managed to get everyone
to change their tune.

From now on, people will curse you
and say you are a wicked woman.

This was her plan
from the start.

She came to see me at Seoneonjeon
Hall, and she threatened me.

This was why.

I will visit with the
King and tell him…

so that he does not get fooled
by the Queen’s lies anymore.

I am not sure about that.

Will he believe in what you say?

The King will believe
in what I tell him.

The King rejected the appeal
for the Queen’s dethronement.

The Royal Noble
Consort Eui is here.

Hwa Jin.

I was about to visit you as I had
something to discuss with you.

What did you want to
speak with me about?

During today’s council
before the throne,

I received an appeal for
the Queen’s dethronement.

Is that so?

The Queen was put in
danger in order to save us,

and I thought it would not
be right to stay quiet.

So I would like to ask the Royal
Secretariat to withdraw it.

Is that okay with you?

Do you want me to ask my father?

He is highly respected,
and many people follow him.

Is this a hard request?

No, it is not.

I will write a message
to my father myself.

Thank you.

Your Majesty.

There is something I have
always wanted when I came here.

Just like when we first met,
I hope you can forget…

all the things you fear
when you are with me.

I want to be that
kind of person to you.

You are already a
big comfort to me.

I apologize,

but we have not spent
the night together yet.

I have made you lonely.

I know that you have been busy.

I was not thinking straight.

I will visit your
chamber tonight.

However, you and the
Queen are supposed…

to spend the night
together tomorrow.

Do not worry about that.

Then I shall meet
her to comfort her.

And I will write a
letter right after that.

Good idea.

Royal Noble Consort Eui
is here to see the Queen.

I apologize. Her
Highness has a cold,

so she took some herbal tonic…

and just fell asleep.

Too bad.

I will come back another time.

You’re here.

You were fast asleep like a
puppy napping in spring…

I heard you are
not feeling well.

I’m not feeling the greatest,

but I have no regrets since it
was for the sake of justice.

– “Justice”?
– Let’s not stand around here.

Come on in.

Give us some privacy so…

I mean, so we can
relax and catch up.

Sit down. Make yourself at home.

Why are you sitting so far away?

This makes me feel
distant from you.

Come closer.

No, I am okay here.

Then I shall come closer.

I showed up like a prince
and saved her life,

so those cold eyes should
be filled with love now…

What? How come…

The look in your
eyes has changed,

but why colder than before?

I will withdraw the appeal.

So I am no longer
indebted to you.

Thank you.

I bet you are thinking that
everything is going your way.

No, I’m not.

Nothing’s going my way.

You lost His Majesty
because of those lies,

so you will lie to get him back?

What are you talking about?

I’m not the most honest
person, but I never lie.

I knew you would play dumb.

No, I’m not playing dumb.

And I’ve told you
numerous times.

I really have no interest
in the King whatsoever.

All right, then.

I will trust you on that.

Why don’t we do something tonight
to build a stronger friendship?

How about a pajama party…

I mean, an undergarment party.

I am spending the
night with His Majesty.


And on top of that,

did you really have to
tell me this in person?

This bluntly? In
this hurtful manner?

You seem quite upset for someone
who has no interest whatsoever.

I said I had no
interest in the King.

I never said I wasn’t
interested in you.

Prove to me that your
kindness toward me is sincere.

If your words and actions
fail to match once again,

I, too, will fight
with all my might.

Since you’re so determined,
I should give up.

Okay, fine.

I’ll give up and send my
blessings to the two of you.

It’s your loss.

Too bad you failed to
recognize my charm.

I shall leave now.

She’s a difficult one.

That cruel woman.

15, 20…

How can I help you?

I feel awfully frustrated
and distressed.

I am here to heal
my frustrated heart.

You came to the wrong place.

We sell pretty much
everything here,

but we don’t sell medicine.

I have to close up now.

Please. This way.

– Well…
– This way, please.

That precious thing.


You know, that precious
object from Qing.

I asked the two of you to
meet with me to go over…

what was discussed at
the royal conference.

How dare they discuss
the deposal of the Queen?

They are attacking the
entire Andong Kim clan!

The royal court with a queen…

who can jump into
the lake anytime.

How precarious!

How dare you slander the Queen?

You’d better not run
your mouth like that.

Run my mouth?

I did not come here to put
up with such an insult.

What are you doing?

Are you trying to provoke me?

I am simply asking you
to stay to hear the rest.

You little…

Like I mentioned earlier, no
one in this room is losing.

So would you please
stay and hear me out?

Have a seat.

I am not sure if you
would remember this.

The letter Queen Dowager sent
to Royal Noble Consort Eui.

The location, date, and time
written in this letter…

coincide with when and where
the Queen’s accident took place.

That letter is fake.

Can you prove that it is fake?

This letter and the appeal
for the Queen’s dethronement.

I would like us to
exchange the two.

This deal will ensure
that the two families…

will never have to be distressed
about the same issue again.

That is my offer.

What do you say?

Did Your Highness ask for me?

I wrote the letter His
Majesty had asked me to write.

Could you deliver
this to my father?

I will…

persuade His Majesty.

His Majesty is genuinely
trying to return the favor.

Although the Queen is probably
feeling differently about it.

However, what matters to me
is how His Majesty feels.

So it is okay.

Your Highness, we are
ready for your bath.

So far, it is okay.

Queen Dowager.

Has everything
been well with you?

No, I have not been well. That
is why I asked to see you.

I feel awfully anxious
and worried again.

Please calm down.

I will help you find the
answer you are looking for.

His Majesty is getting ready to
visit Her Highness’s chamber.

I must speak to His Majesty.

Give us some privacy.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Deposing the Queen will grant
us the chance we needed.

Your Majesty, why are
you trying to stop it?

Even if we go that route,

she will simply be
replaced with someone else.

The Queen has been making
decisions that are in favor of us.

Out of everyone who can
occupy that position,

she is the best option for us.

Is she making you waver?

Please answer my question.
Is she making you waver?


She is.

She risked her life to save her
husband, who had tried to kill her,

as well as the woman her
husband is in love with.

Not because she is
boundlessly merciful,

and not because she
has forgiven me.

She did it because she could
not turn away from the truth.

She never even expected me
to apologize or thank her.

She quietly did what she thought
was right for justice’s sake,

and this crisis has
befallen her now.

So how could I not waver?

Will you betray Royal
Noble Consort Eui…

as well as us?

I do not have any romantic
feelings for the Queen.

She is simply not our enemy.

Hence, I am not
betraying anyone.

You are growing fond of
her, which is dangerous.

If you are fond of her,

it will be used against us.

I will make sure
that never happens.


Then please promise
me this one thing.

If the Queen’s stance
and attitude change,

or if she turns out to
be one of our enemies,

will you…

not hesitate…

to behead her?

Can you not answer
this question?

If the Queen…

indeed turns out to
be one of our enemies,

I will behead her
with my own two hands.

My gosh, looks like I’m
already getting better at this.

Did you seriously
do that by hand?

When it comes to embroidery,
every woman in Joseon…

is as skilled as I am…


Well, I guess not.

Not everyone has to be
skilled in embroidery.

You’re good at everything
on top of being so strong.

I was considered a weakling
among the servants.

Everyone tells me that
I look like a violet.

My gosh, everyone in Joseon
is such a skilled craftsman.

Let’s see now.

– Pull it.
– Okay.


We’ll put this up in front
of the Royal Stables.

We’ll begin operating
the business right away.

Shall we charge for delivery?

I need some cash
to go to Oktajeong.

Your Highness.

I brought you a wind
orchid, which is very rare.

Wind orchid?

Did word get out about my
inauguration ceremony already?

Who sent me this?


It is from His Majesty.

My gosh, no!

That jerk.

I’m trying to focus on work
to forget about everything.

Is he showing off or what?

I’m a thousand times better.

I mean, look at this. It’s
such a brilliant idea.

I’m creating jobs, which
the King can’t even do.

During the Joseon period where the
notion of convenience doesn’t exist.

I’ve invented this
amazing service.

Does she feel intimidated
because I’m so amazing?

Well, that’s understandable.


Did hearing all this
obnoxious nonsense…

ruin my palate? Why can I
not get the taste right?

Hold on.

Since the concept of convenience
doesn’t even exist in Joseon,

whatever I do will be
considered Joseon’s first…

No, the world’s first!

I feel so motivated
all of a sudden.

So here, I can be Thomas
Edison and Steve Jobs?

No. Is there anyone who
achieved even greater things?

A hero who saved mankind.

Inside the Queen’s body,

I see something that
should not be there.

A wicked soul.

She is possessed
by a wicked soul!

You must do
something about this.

If not, the world…

The world will be
thrown upside down!

Yes, Willis Carrier.

The man who invented the
first air conditioner.

Your Highness!

Wake up, Your
Highness! Please…

Your Highness!

Hey, move!

She is… She is not breathing.

I do not feel any pulse.




The Queen is unconscious.

You mean, she has
stopped breathing?

If her qi energy returns,
she will live. But if not…

The hospital? Wait, am I back?

I will show you…

what kind of man
the King truly is.

The eyes of a man who is
hiding his true colors.

Clear. Shock!

– My Queen.
– The investigation will begin now.


She is my woman.

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