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File: [English] Mr. Sovereign E05 NEXT





Scene 5

Everybody has a deadly shortcoming.

Indeed, even Superman turns out to be nothing

in excess of a sick person…

who wears clothing outwardly

at the point when confronted with kryptonite.

In the event that Superman gets that way,

envision what might occur

to common individuals.

I will come clean with you.

Great Queen Dowager, I

will comply with your request!

She isn’t the person who

ought to be guillotined!

Your Majesty.

If it’s not too much trouble.

Will you conflict with

the King’s structure?

To a common individual, this world

resembles a minefield of shortcoming.

We become one

another’s shortcoming…

furthermore, drag everybody

to the hidden world.

Indeed, even somebody as amazing as me,

Jang Bong Hwan, had a shortcoming.

That is as a matter of fact…

I can’t tolerate seeing some other

fellow looking cooler than me.

The individuals who attempted to

hurt the Queen were…


Particularly when it’s in front

of a lady I’m keen on.

I should be the coolest individual

before them to be fulfilled.

You could say it’s

the lone shortcoming…

of somebody who is so awesome.

Since I am the claimed

survivor of this occurrence,

permit me to shed

light on reality.


was attempting to end my own life.

I will not leave you alone the

just cool one here.

Stay still, Cheoljong.

I ought to be the legend.

So kindly don’t hurt those

who did nothing incorrectly.

Pleasant one.

What sort of a crazy

proclamation is this?

Amazing Queen Dowager.

I am sorry, yet I was

attempting to take my own life.


This is the self destruction note that

I convey with me constantly.

I’m returning this evening at any rate.

I couldn’t care less if things

get tumultuous here.

Why in the world would you do that?

Moreover, for what reason would you

attempt to take your life…

on the prior night

you became sovereign?

The thing is…

What in the world is the explanation?

The motivation behind why I was so discouraged

that I needed to bite the dust was…

I’m certain I had an explanation.

Your Highness!

Dang it!

Your Highness!

So Yong.

Is he going to

convey me at this moment?


Try not to draw close to me. Disappear!

Stupendous Queen Dowager.

The Queen is saying

bogus things…

to save the life

of somebody lesser than her.

If it’s not too much trouble, look affectionately upon

the upright heart…

of pardoning somebody who had

submitted an incredible sin against her,

what’s more, show leniency.

Gracious, my. Is that how

he deciphered it?

What is fascinating to the point that

such countless individuals have assembled?


Your Highness.

What in heaven’s name has occurred?

OK at that point.

Since the Queen

is making a decent attempt,

I will show benevolence after

seeing her endeavors.

Scene 5, A HEEL THAT


It has been some time since we had

a particularly fascinating display.

I can’t help thinking about what the Queen was

figuring while doing that.

Maybe it is the

heart of a lady.

In any case, we can be certain that it

was not an arrangement from the Kim tribe.


Are you going to

Seoneonjeon Hall?

I need something other

than supplication today.

She is only a

frail Royal Noble Consort,

be that as it may, she is our lone bolt.

So we should put a few

poison on that sharpened stone.


What do you mean she

attempted to take her life?

What do you mean by that?

I need to await my opportunity and

awaken at the correct second.

I’m a particularly absurd dad

to not understand that.

I have submitted an incredible sin.

I have submitted an incredible sin.

It is all my flaw.

I ought to have taken

better consideration of her.

This is all on the grounds that

I’m deficient.

What in the world is the explanation?

You should know since you

help her in nearness.

She would attempt to bounce into the water

on various occasions at whatever point she could,

also, I thought it was on the grounds that

of the stun from falling in.

“On various occasions”?

What amount would she say she was languishing?

Your Highness.

Your Highness.

My gosh. Enough as of now.

In the event that you continue to cry,

I can’t awaken.

This isn’t the time

for us to be crying.

In the event that she sees us crying,

envision how vexed she would be.

Truth be told.

You are correct.

On occasions such as this, we should

remain close by and be courageous.

Would it be advisable for me to get up at this point?

– So Yong.

– My gosh.

At the point when your mom

brought forth you,

she lost her life.

Is it accurate to say that he is beginning once more?

Your Highness.

Her Highness grew up…

while never finding the opportunity

to see her mom’s face.

I feel so awful for her.

I had no clue about that she

was enduring to such an extent,

and everything I did was advising her

she was unable to do either.

I would pursue her…

furthermore, pester her constantly.

I should have been…

the individual who pushed

her into the lake.

Goodness, Your Highness.

Your Highness!

I surrender.

This isn’t a

circumstance I can deal with.


My Queen.

If it’s not too much trouble..

deal with yourself.

Your pitiful dad…

apologizes to you.

Byeong In.

I’m entering the Palace today.

I’m at last gathering the

Lord interestingly.

It is safe to say that you are that cheerful?

It is on the grounds that I am interested.

At some point, he shows up

as a terrible idiot,

also, on an alternate day, he looks

like he was produced using jade.

In my fantasies.

The previous evening, he looked

precisely like you.

I accepted that I needed to give

up on you to satisfy you.

You were so glad previously

you entered the Palace.

Nonetheless, subsequent to entering the Palace,

you attempted to take your own life.

Is it hence?

She is insane! She

has lost her brain!


She spent the previous few evenings with

the King. Are you certain that…

she was not the person who was

prevailed upon rather than the King?

Kindly quiet down, Your Highness.

There is not something to be

acquired from being distraught.

How might I not be frantic?

We lost the ideal chance

like this so without any problem.

I can’t really accept that we shot

ourselves in the foot!

Besides, did you see the

Ruler’s conduct a little while ago?

That egotistical glare.

I saved him from living his days

as a kinsman and made him lord,

however he set out to revolt

against me like that?

We should train

him on the off chance that he revolts.

I will fix the rules,

so he knows his place.

Why bother spending

time dealing with myself?

Everything self-destructs when I

stress over something once.

Call for Park, the specialist.

Indeed, sir.

Truth be told, the

Sovereign came to see me…

on the night she

fell into the lake.

Terrific Queen Dowager. I…

will leave the Palace.

What are you discussing?

I can’t persevere through the

position of Queen.

I would prefer not to

live in such hopelessness.

I had heard the tales that

you have been acting abominable,

be that as it may, it was all intentionally…

so you would

not become Queen.

How adorable.

I can’t really accept that you thought you

could get your direction like that.

You were taking your exercises

industriously to turn into a sovereign.

I don’t have the foggiest idea what

unexpectedly altered your perspective,

in any case, I don’t wish

to know all things considered.

Your destiny was chosen

upon your introduction to the world.

You were to become sovereign

what’s more, serve your family.

That is your destiny and

the explanation you exist.

Did you ascend to your

position all alone?

No, you didn’t.

That is the reason you can’t step

down all alone by the same token.

On the off chance that you need to kick the bucket,

kick the bucket in the Palace.

I thought she expressed such things

since kids these days are…

too protected they make a

serious deal out of little things.

That is the reason I didn’t

really think about it.

I never viewed as that she bounced

into the lake to end it all.

In the event that she was able to end her

life to try not to become sovereign,

her insane conduct

today is too…

An approach to venture down from

her situation as Queen.

On the off chance that that is the situation,

I won’t let the

Sovereign pull off it.

Hang tight for me! What on the off chance that you fall?

I revealed to you that you

could take as much time as necessary.

Who dares to obstruct my direction?

Great Queen Dowager?

You won’t return home.

– What?

– The Queen, Jang Bong Hwan,

has been requested to remain here

perpetually until the day he decays,

furthermore, live in torment

while being inept.


I would prefer not to.

I would prefer not to be weak!

Your Highness!

What a horrendous bad dream.

You attempted to submit

self destruction in the lake…

also, quite recently, you blacked out

furthermore, I was so stressed…

Quiet down. I comprehend

how you feel.

I will kick the bucket with you!

That is sufficient as of now.

I’ve effectively arrived at the maximum sum

of tears I can deal with for a day.

Dislike it’s infectious,

in any case, how might you cry multiple times?

I wound up nodding off

while sitting tight for you to stop.

Right. I’m certain you do

not wish to see me cry.

You are pretty when you grin.

Shouldn’t something be said about Court Lady Choi?

She demanded bringing

your medication herself.

Extraordinary Lord Yeongeun

remained close by…

furthermore, got back when

the sun went down.

On the off chance that you woke up a piece sooner,

you might have seen him.

Thank heavens I didn’t see him.


On the off chance that he discovers

that a person’s spirit…

is possessing his

valuable girl’s body,

he would be so disturbed.

How about we hustle under the steady gaze of Court

Woman Choi returns.

I’m certain the lake is

filled now, isn’t that so?

You need to go to the

lake at this hour?

Today is at last the day.

– You are feeling acceptable now, correct?

– obviously.

All I have left to do

is to return home…

furthermore, leave a phosphorescence

of an attractive man.

Goodness, right.

– Hong Yeon.

– Yes, Your Highness.

I had the option to persevere

this gratitude to you.

I don’t think about anybody

else, yet I’ll miss you.

Gracious, believe it or not. I’ll

miss Court Lady Choi as well.

Hong Yeon. There’s a will you

should leave for your relatives.

A will?

Purchase land in Gangnam.

You need to disclose to them this.

In the event that you leave it for

around 200 years,

your people in the future

will live well off.

This is everything I can give you.

OK, how about we go.

Your Highness.

Kindly be cautious.

Keep up your energy.

Rush. You should rush.

What is this?

For what reason did y

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