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File: [English] Mr. Sovereign E10 NEXT





Hwa Jin.

Hwa Jin.

What are you doing down there?

– Oh, my. I’ll get some assistance.

– No.

It’s not possible for anyone to realize that I am…

That I am…


Scene 10

For what reason would you go into a

place with such terrible recollections?

Is it OK for me

to not call anybody?

Imagine a scenario where he winds up kicking the bucket.

Are you having

another bad dream?

Hello. Wake up.

Hwa Jin.

Fine. Whatever

you need to think.

This will not do. I’ll

go get somebody.

You’re doing this once more.

I had a bad dream…

that I kicked the bucket as an

bumbling lord.

An unnerving bad dream where…

I was unable to do anything and

kicked the bucket as I was watching…

the world self-destructs.

No one inquired.

Allow us to remain like

this briefly.

Only briefly.

I’ll claim to be Jo Hwa

Jin for only one moment.


You have at last

become the Queen.

I realized this would occur.


I will tell His

Greatness everything.

I won’t be influenced

by the past any more.

Your Highness.

I need to address His Majesty.

The King has gone

out with the Queen,

also, Lord Kim isn’t home by the same token.

O Wol.

I can help the King and

ruin the Queen too.

How would it be advisable for me to respond?

Your Highness.

The time has come to wash your face.


– What occurred?

– Good inquiry.

I nearly contacted you…

That is to say, I nearly passed on.

You were so hefty.

That was hazardous.

The record was not in there.

Did you save me…

without anyone else?

You didn’t need

anybody to discover.

I spent all the

strength that I had.

I can do it. Recall the days

at the point when I used to lift 150kg.

Your solidarity doesn’t

come from your muscles.

It comes from your


For what reason did you go into

the well at that hour?

It was dim, so I didn’t

see the well, and I fell in.

Do you have night visual deficiency?

It’s difficult to climb

out of a well.

Is it accurate to say that you are alert?

Hang on.

Come here. Rush.

Stand by one minute.

Indeed. Come in.

On the off chance that I had realized you would

stay in the fundamental house,

I would have arranged

greater sheet material.

Father, no! Please no!

Father! You can’t do it!

No! Father!


I am sorry.

There is no need.

In view of your endeavors,

I was agreeable here.

I ought not trouble you any longer,

so I will get back to the Palace.

What do you mean by “trouble”?

Kindly don’t say that.

I came in to hand-off a message…

that the Grand Queen

Widow has sent.

Perceiving how the Grand Queen

Widow requests you day by day,

she should truly require you.

The Palace doesn’t run

appropriately in case I’m not there.


Regardless of whether you are occupied and

depleted, it really is great.

Try not to stress over anything and

zero in on your part as a sovereign.

I might be a dad who needs

numerous ways yet remember…

that I am consistently

remaining behind you.


Have a protected excursion

back to the Palace.

I realize that it is bold, however

if it’s not too much trouble, take great consideration of the Queen.

I will focus closer on

her with the goal that she isn’t desolate.

Goodness. I’m

appreciative and sorry.

Will we go?

He acts like a particularly mindful father,

be that as it may, he’s simply a covetous individual

who utilizes his kid as an apparatus.

He wedded his little girl off to

the individual he attempted to slaughter.

Is that why he attempted

to execute Kim So Yong?

For what reason do you resemble

you’ve lost your country?

I don’t.

On the off chance that you didn’t lose your country,

did you lose something different?

Stand by? Did you truly?

Obviously not.

It is an upbeat day where you are

getting back to the Palace securely.

Notwithstanding my appearance,

I’m extremely cheerful.

However long you’re glad.

Is the bleeding retribution

going to begin?

Yet, it seems like I’m neglecting

about something significant.

I have an inclination that I had an

significant mission…

He is so attractive.

He is so attractive.

He is truly attractive.

The inauguration of

the Royal Concubine.

How is it possible that I would disregard

a particularly significant thing?

I have something significant

to deal with, so bye.

Hong Yeon. How about we go. Rush.

Stand by. For what reason would you say you are running?

I am sorry.

Take as much time as is needed.

Wow. My Queen.

Your Majesty.

Release us first.

– Where is the Head Eunuch?

– I ensured he is involved.

Is it accurate to say that you couldn’t discover it?

It vanished like a phantom.

Do you think your dad in-law

sorted it out and moved it?

That isn’t the situation.

There were no progressions in his

conduct until the second I left.

He isn’t proficient at covering up

his affections without a doubt.

Do you think it right?

The covered individual from the

Division of Justice.

In the event that it was in the

hands of Kim Jwa Geun,

the record must

not exist any longer.

It is extremely unlikely he would

know where it was moved to.

It is a risky thing,

so your dad in-law won’t be

ready to tell anybody he lost it.

He should endure alone.

Consequently, he will start

searching for the record.

He will look for it himself.

Have somebody follow him.

Indeed, sir.

I think the record

is an act of futility.

Abandon it.

On the off chance that we don’t have it, our

plans will go to squander.

I can’t surrender so without any problem.

Go about like the Queen

is consistently here. Be courteous.

Hustle just a bit. How about we go.

Your Highness!

Hi, Court Lady Choi!

Your Highness…

I missed you.

Court Lady Choi. Get

every one of the women of Joseon.

Try not to leave out any of the

Han family enlists…

also, carry them to me.

As of this second, I will begin the

induction of the Royal Concubine.

I’ll normally investigate that family

by blaming the choice.

The induction of the Royal

Mistress is the appropriate response.

Gracious, right. I need to make proper acquaintance

to the Grand Queen Dowager.

Just you pause.

The blend of Jang Bong Hwan’s

soul and Kim So Yong’s recollections…

will make the ideal demonstration…

as Queen.

Great Queen Dowager.

Have you been well?

What has changed?

You appear to be changed

for reasons unknown.

I had the option to begin new

in the wake of getting back.

That is uplifting news.

I am sorry for stressing

you this time.

Furthermore, I am thankful

that notwithstanding everything,

you were so comprehension of me.

To compensate for

everything before,

I will buckle down

to give a valiant effort…

to satisfy my part as Queen.

At that point will you begin doing what

is most significant at the present time?

I know precisely what that is.

I came when

I felt good…

to do exactly that.

True to form.

I was just away for two days,

however, I was unable to stop

considering that.

How would you feel precisely

equivalent to I do?

– Then…

– Right at this point…

– As of this second?

– Shall we?

– Queen.

– Good work!

This was not what I had at the top of the priority list.

Your Highness.

I’m looking forward

to gaining from you.

I should be indispensable

at the present time.

I can’t trust I’m

sharing my plans.

I’m not prepared to

become a teacher.

What is this? Step to the side.


You may have had the option to

stroll in here however you wanted.

Yet, I am apprehensive you can’t do

a similar when you leave here.

Your Highness.

His Majesty has

gotten back to the royal residence.

Is that so?

Will we head over to

Seonjeongjeon Hall now?

No. I will head over

to the regal manor.

Please. The fire is excessively little.

Going on like this, the fixings

will get soft.

Please. The flares

are all over.

I see your eyes on fire as well.

Wow. That can’t be.

I’m resolved

to gain from you,

so my eyes are

brimming with energy.

Coincidentally, when will

you show me your formula?

I’m certain you know how things run

in the kitchen. Try not to be that way.

At the point when you begin working

at a Chinese café,

all you’re permitted to do is

stripping onions in the primary month.

Make all the difference for the fire.

All things being equal, I have been working in

the imperial kitchen for a very long time.

What’s more, I have been the illustrious

gourmet expert for a very long time at this point.

I needn’t bother with your

itemized continue.

Why not beginning

tallying days at that point?

I don’t care for your demeanor.

Disregard this.

Your Highness.

How is this? Is this better?

Is it better? Like this?

Hello, open it.


Did you simply look?

What a mechanical covert agent.

I was contemplating whether I

changed the warmth accurately.

You don’t will think.

I’ll do all the reasoning.

For what reason do you keep

going too far?

Gukbap is the solace

food of the commoners.

Also, gomtang is the solace

food of the privileged.

Also, I’ll add a touch of consomme,

a French-style meat gukbap.

I’ll dispose of the gamey

flavor with egg whites.

She is utilizing egg whites

in a progressive manner.

– Your Highness.

– My gosh.

Will this do?


May I request what kind from food

you are attempting to make?

Food that will move one’s spirit.



And afterward, this is

the final detail.

– They are on reserve, isn’t that so?

– Yes, Your Highness.

“In the event that the froth bites the dust,

I will pass on as well.”

With that disposition, attempt to keep

the food safe and be quick.

Okay. Go.

– Yes, Your Highness.

– Yes, Your Highness.


she’ll cherish it more as she

definitely knows how it tastes.

Your Highness!

Dam Hyang!

I was frightened to the point that I may

not have the option to see you once more.

Truly. Much thanks to you to such an extent.

I made you stress, Dam Hyang.

I should be reproved.

My gosh. I’m grieved.


Am I seeing this effectively?

Is this rice in the soup?

All things considered, it would seem that

rice to me as well.

Did she serve me

gukbap for my feast?

Rice and soup should be

isolated for regal suppers.

How could she put rice in the

soup like some worker food?

Would it be advisable for me to bring this back?

Obviously, you ought to…

in any case,

the Queen has put a great deal of

exertion into making this.

I will taste it, in any event.

Indeed, Your Highness.

I have tallied the

days of my profession…

in the imperial kitchen.

What’s more, I have carried on a glad

life as an illustrious culinary expert.


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