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File: [English] stream wherever the Moon Rises E09 NEXT — THIS IS supported the story OF ON dkl IN CHRONICLES OF THE 3 STATES. CHARACTERS, INCIDENTS, AND DATES DO NOT MATCH HISTORICAL FACTS. I would prefer to speak. It is about the Princess’s marriage. You will ne’er get your own way. I am giving a chance. A chance for you and your offspring to avoid wasting your lives. They are looking for the King’s son-in-law. The patrician can marry. I will continuously get on your aspect irrespective of what. I cannot settle for your feelings. I must have her… even if which means I actually have to use force. EPISODE nine What is that sound? They are formally announcing the royal wedding. They are vocation the candidates into the palace. Princess. Come here quick. Look at this. Are they not pretty? What is all this? What does one suppose they are? We need to create a dress for your wedding. Not simply a marriage dress. From head to toe, you’ll need such a lot of ornaments.

They have not nonetheless elected her husband-to-be. – Why would you already… – however dare you to interrupt? I will not marry. Stop being thus childish. The King gave the command, and the 5 Tribe council selected it. Do you not recognize this can be a joy for the palace moreover because of the people? The wedding wherever the bride is bartered… is not a joyous occasion. Princess. How dare she? She has such an associate degree odd temperament. What now? Where might she go alternatively to visualize her father? Princess. Many young men of noble birth… have applied to be your husband. The King is greatly blessed. That means your influence is even greater. The influence that created this preposterous marriage… a possibility. You have everything within the world. What additional does one want? Tying Pine Tree State down with marriage… will not profit you at all. This is not for me. The marriage is for you, Princess. If you retain lashing out with stupidity and bravado, you might…

follow in your mother’s footsteps, and we cannot have that. If your mother had acted appropriately for her status, she wouldn’t have died the approach she did. Shut your mouth. How dare you mention my mother? We don’t want any more… misfortune within the royal family. The King saw my intentions… and allowed your marriage. A man half-crazed by jealousy… killed his own partner and people. Does he need to stay up here? Father. Did Go Won Pyo threaten you… into agreeing to my marriage? Do you concern his weapons that much? Why? You are King. I had a dream each night. A dream within which you and your mother die. A nightmare within which my people are slaughtered. I committed those dreadful deeds myself. How am I able to avoid punishment? When you came back to the palace, I was afraid. It felt as if my past wrongdoings had returned to life. And I was additionally pleased. Your mother… had given Pine Tree State an opportunity to atone. If they’d better-known however you felt, the Sunno Tribe migrants would additionally rejoice. However… Before being the King, I am however an overwhelmed father. I wished to… do no matter I might to guard you and also th
e Crown Prince. So… is that what happened? Did Go Won Pyo… threaten you with our lives? I am sorry. I did all that I could, and nonetheless, I couldn’t forestall your marriage. Princess. Will you forgive me? Father. The herb gatherer is gone, and a young noble is here. Your clothes… did over simply amendment your looks. Mok Tae Seon, a silk merchant from Jami Province. Do I simply have to be compelled to say I’m his son? Creating a pretend identity isn’t all. You will be questioned to visualize if you observed all the classics. When given a theme, you must additionally write a poem. I oughtn’t to do that. Do you really suppose that’s possible? Even if you apply as a candidate, General Go can find yourself marrying the Princess. That will not happen. I cannot let Ga Jin be forced into a marriage. We feel the same. You are in love? Fate. She and that I am destined to be together. So I cannot let her marry. I will do it no matter what it takes. They turned North American countries into traitors so they might get obviate us. I was a fool.
I underestimated Go Won Pyo. For Father. And for Ga Jin. Go Won Pyo. I will kill you and die myself. Read the theme for the verse form within the envelope. I detected that General Go didn’t apply. Does that mean we’ve got a chance? You are such a fool. does one think your father or mine…
sent North American country with hopes to become the King’s in-law? It is what the 5 Tribe council commanded. What does one mean by that? They will fail all people and once they suppose there’s nobody worthy, they will suggest General Go as if there’s no substitute. If his eldest son were to enter the choice process, how would Gochuga manage to gauge fairly?
Darn it. I’m here to the square in the background, then. Let us go and find drunk with some women once this. Next. Here she is. I am here at your command. Welcome. I referred to like her because… she deals in herbs and additionally rare accessories. Hey. it had been my plan to decision her. Do you feel better? Both the patrician and Crown Prince act as they wish. No one is aware of however disagreeable that’s for me. I simply hope my son has a run-of-the-mill future. I detected a proficient fortune-teller has originated look within the city. Shall I provoke you? Fortune-telling? I actually have so many queries too. Where is he? I brought some accessories that will suit you. – decide many later. – No, impart you. I will say this as a result of I agreed to not keep secrets. I was unable to try to do as you asked. That young man. On Dal. The additional I purchase to grasp him, the additional intriguing he becomes. What concerning Dal? He is within the palace concerning now. Next. Oh! You look handsome and manly. – Take a seat. – impart you. Let Pine Tree State see. Your family doesn’t live inside the Capital. You are from Jami Province. – that’s so. – Your father is Mok Tae Seon. Mok Tae Seon?
I actually have detected that name. Is he not a merchandiser who sells silk… and cotton goods? What? We are here to pick out the King’s son-in-law… and a merchant’s son applied? Do not say over what you need. A theme for a verse form is within the envelope. Write something. I will do that. Lord Hae, it’s such a pity. Do you not suppose so? A merchant’s son applied. That looks unhealthy on us. Stop. – what’s it? – He hid his identity… to sneak into the palace. Did he hide his identity? Then is he not Mok Tae Seon’s son? That is true. Oh, dear… Then who are you? Dal. – “Dal”? – “Dal”? I detected one thing disgraceful that happened… during the choice process. What was that? Tell Pine Tree State immediately. I wished to guard my husband. – What? – “Husband”? What did you say? “Husband”? This man here is my husband. What? Her husband? – they’re married? – this can be unbelievable. How might this be? The patrician is married? It is too early to be dreaming. I am not creating this up. A man dashing from the hall told me. The patrician appeared with a young man at her side…
and declared they’re already married. That is nonsense. Then head to the hall yourself. It was turned upside-down. What… This is not your fortune. Whose fate is it you would like to find out of? You really are pretty much as good as rumors say. You have such nice skill, so what did you are doing before you came to the Capital? She is leaving. I would prefer to hear my fortune before I’m thrown out. Did you see that person’s future? Corpses are stacked as high as mountains, and blood flows sort of a river. Starved wild dogs gather from all around, and there’s obscurity to flee. This fate will solely be atoned for with death. What a pity. A fate that’s unavoidable. A fate that’s cursed. When I had lost my memory and was wandering, he showed Pine Tree State the way… and allowed Pine Tree State to accept him. His unchanging heart… is what stirred me. You asked Pine Tree State to unleash a young man from prison. You same he had saved your life several times. Was that this man? Yes.
At the time, you clearly said he was a friend. And nonetheless, currently, you say he’s your husband. Are you insulting me? Father. it’s not like that. Shut your mouth. Please calm down. I believe the patrician is scheming to avoid her marriage. Yes. You are already married? That is terribly onerous to believe, Your Highness. How else can we say what has been done? – What? – however, dare you? I am… the Princess’s husband. You are out of your mind! How dare you raise your voice here? You sneaked into the palace under associate degree assumed identity! That is terribly true. We cannot settle for a person of unclear identity…
and status as the Princess’s spouse. Your Majesty. – Your Majesty. – Your Majesty. What is your name? My father was Daemodal… and a Widudehyeong. WIDUDEHYEONG: A fifth GRADE RANK I am the son of General On Hyeop, the seventeenth chief of the Sun Tribe, My name is On Dal. On Hyeop’s son? What? Long time no see Hyssop. If you admit that you simply are a traitor, I will spare the lives of everybody else. My goodness.

You are really the son of On Hyssop? That is true. Yes. I keep in mind that gaze. You take once your father. On Hyeop… was decapitated for committing treason. The reason his family… and the remaining individuals of the tribe… ‘re allowed to live was by the King’s grace. He forgot concerning all that… and entered the palace, inflicting this fuss. He should be severely punished! That is correct. Please penalize him severely. Punish him? They may have married in secret, but he is the Princess’s husband. Must he be dealt a severe penalty? Your Majesty. you need not do anything to hurt your authority. Having a royal marry somebody from that bloodline… already harms the royal household’s authority! Your Majesty. – Your Majesty. – Your Majesty. Silence! Your Majesty. Your Majesty. – My goodness. – what’s happening? You did nothing however cause trouble since you returned, and you concluded up transfer disgrace on your father. – Father. – Shut your mouth! You are now not my daughter.
Leave the palace immediately. I will settle for any punishment. The Princess… Did you not hear me? I now not have a daughter. The next time I see you, I will kill you each on the spot. Are you all right? My lady. The patrician was ordered to depart the palace. She should leave? I am sorry, Nanny. I exploit once inflicting you a lot of distress. You are not married. Tell the King that you simply lied. Please? Do you not believe it either? I cared for you even before you’ll murmur. Do you suppose I don’t see through you? I would rather leave the palace with you. I will take care of you and…
No. you need to defend my brother Won. You are the sole person I will entrust… his safety. Oh, dear… Are you the person my sister married? Oh, the Crown Prince? Crown Prince. Are you actually leaving? Leaving Pine Tree State on my own? Father is thus furious. I have no choice. You must beg. Ask him to forgive you. Beg to let him enable you to stay. If you allow again, what do I do alone? You might ne’er be ready to come back this time. I will return. For you and Father, i will be able to return back. You and Father both. I hate you. I hate you all. Do not say that. Father is making an attempt to avoid wasting my life. This is the sole approach I will avoid the royal wedding. Father gave the order but he’s crying inside. The patrician came to mention goodbye.
Are you out of your mind? There is no patrician during this family. You must leave while not seeing your father. Father. Do you hear me? I exploit the palace. I would like over something to remain here with you, but acceptive your command is also my filial duty. So I shall leave. Until now, I did nothing however cause you concern. Please forgive me. Do not worry! I will defend the Princess. You have created a really tough decision. Since the patrician has left, the palace can finally realize peace. Are you cheerful concerning that? Of course not.
I solely would like for peace and safety within the palace. If you have got any regrets, you can continuously tell the Princess to come back back. How might he kick you out like this after you are a princess? He is thus mean. He didn’t even see you out. Dal. I need to prevent by somewhere. Where? I will be right back, thus you ought to go ahead 1st and wait there. Let us meet at the doorway of Mungyeongsaejae. You are going alone? Let Pine Tree State tag along. Do not worry. From currently on, we are going to continuously be together. Make sure to come back fast! I was shocked once I detected that you are already married. And you had to be kicked out of the palace all of a sudden. I don’t knowledge to console you. You need not say anything. I am here to provoke your help. It is a waste to require you as my enemy, but I cannot totally trust you to own you on my side. But you came to visualize Pine Tree State nonetheless.
That must mean that you simply want to place trust in me. I additionally wished to grasp why you helped me. I know you’re smart at figures, and you have nothing to achieve from this. Do you keep in mind what I actually have told you? I… abhor Go Won Pyo. I may not resent him the maximum amount as you do, but I need to protect… the tribe my father has been keeping, the Sono Tribe, even though I’m his step-daughter. Then you ought to facilitate me. Let us stop the Gyeru Tribe from abusing their power, and along we are going to bring Go Won Pyo down.
I thought you’d be grief-stricken, but I suppose I don’t recognize you enough. Will you get on my side? There is one thing I need to ask. If you would like to proceed along with your plan, what will you be doing with General Go? What if the two families of the Go’s… shed blood? I trust Master Go. He is totally different from his father. I thought I’d catch up with you at the Hill if I hurried. But what are you doing here? wherever is that the Princess? – She left first. – Is that so? Then you need to are awaiting me. There is nothing I need to talk about with you.
That is a shame. But my steel includes a ton to raise you. I will keep you updated concerning the King and also the Crown Prince. I will in secret facilitate along with your plan, so entrust it with me. I appreciate it. I want I actually have finally found an addict within the Capital. I am flattered, Your Highness. If you return to the King and tell him the truth, I will spare your life. But if you retain deception to be the Princess’s husband, I will finish your life here. I pity you. You do not need to admit that you lost Ga Jin. That must be why you would like to kill me. Shut your mouth. Go ahead and kill me. Even if I die, I will ne’er provide Ga Jin to you. All right then. I cannot waste my steel to kill somebody as lowly as you. I will finish your life with my trick instead. I think I actually have begun to like you. Get up. How dare you…
come at a general of Goguryeo… with the talents, you gained from collecting herbs and hunting? Do not act up and are available at me. All right then. I will be able to finish your life here. – Get this! – Stop it! Stop it, Dal. There is one thing I would like to talk about with Master Go. Do not dare to run away! It is over, Master Go. The royal wedding and the organized marriage… are all over. – allow us to go. – What does one mean it’s over? What does one mean it’s over? Did you ever provide Pine Tree State an opportunity to start? It has been eight years. No, it’s been longer than that. I have been yearning and… waiting for you. I have incomprehensible you a lot. But why did you… tell Pine Tree State to allow up before I even had a chance? Why? Why did you? It is not one thing we tend to start. Our fates are twisted for thus long… that neither people will untangle them. I will untangle them. I will take away something that comes between us! – thus please… – Master Go! It is everywhere now. I need to depart now. I am sorry, Master Go. The patrician of Goguryeo, Princess Pyeongchang, was kicked out as a result of she incited the wrath of the King. Since the organized wedding came to fail, I will write to you once more once I verify what Go Won Pyo…
cooks up for a scheme. General Go! General Go! What happened? Bring Pine Tree State some medicines. I cannot return to the palace during this state. General Go! What will you tell the people of Ghost Valley? Do not worry. I will tell them that this all happened… because of the royal wedding and that our wedding isn’t true. What if they realize out? What? People from the Castle… might return and spy on North American country to see if we tend to are a married couple. What will you be doing if they realize out we tend to aren’t a true couple? Hey, then we will faux to be living… Should we tend to live together? This is concerning us, not anyone else. I know. I am your husband, and you’re my wife. What is he saying? – Ga Jin. – What? Let us do that.
We can tell the villagers that we tend to get married. That way, individuals from the Castle will not be ready to realize out. But this doesn’t count as a true marriage. Why not? Am I not smart enough as your husband? Darn, you! It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. As long as I am often with you… and defend you. My father was Daemodal… and a Widudehyeong. I am the son of General On Hyeop, the seventeenth chief of the Sun Tribe, My name is On Dal. On Hyeop, you are tormenting Pine Tree State even once your death? I knew this might happen! So the rumor concerning the patrician being kicked out of the palace… must be true! – I suppose so. – you only found that out? Did she extremely espouse to the son of a merchant? Are you kidding me? I hear he’s a fool.
I hear he’s a complete idiot. I have ne’er detected of that. My gosh. That must be why the King was infuriated. It is bound that the royal wedding has been canceled. I think she was kicked out of the palace last night, but I actually have not observed her whereabouts. She should have gone to the village of the herb gatherer. Then the guy she got married to… Ga Jin helps me. Sorry? We would have undoubtedly run into Ga Jin… if we tend to went into the palace. She left at the proper time. Should I still tail her? Leave her be. When we see full moons many times… and once the celebs shine in several places, she will return herself. General Go, are you up? How did you bring Pine Tree State here? You came to Pine Tree State yourself. I did? Take the medicine. It will soothe your nausea. Do not be worried. there’s no poison inside. Do you not suppose you wish to pour Pine Tree State a glass… since I actually have kicked out my very own daughter? Here. allow us to get drunk. The patrician should have gone to… the village of the Sun Tribe. Well, I wouldn’t like to know…
where she is staying. Why not? Were you not coming up with to… bring back the Sunno Tribe into the 5 Tribe council… up till recently? You did not eliminate the supply of trouble. That is why you’re facing hassle now. Who knew the relative of the Princess… was the son of On Hyssop? You need to place out the ember notwithstanding it’s too late. I keep in mind it. You and General On studied underneath the same teacher as young men. Although you were older than him, I detected General On was additionally skilled in martial arts. On prime of that, he was beloved and trusty by the people. He should have upset you in several ways. However, he was decapitated for committing treason. You were the one who ordered it. My sins during this world run deep and are heavy. That is why I referred to as you here today to provoke a favour. I have unacknowledged my solely daughter.
And I solely have 2 sons. And if you are attempting to use my sons… to threaten Pine Tree State again, you must kill Pine Tree State with this arrow first. I will obtain my sins in death. However, you and your family can also be in an exceedingly pool of blood. All right. Okay. allow us to drink. Here. You can keep a small amount longer to collect yourself. Vicious rumours can unfold if I, the eldest of the Gyeru Tribe, was found within the space of the daughter of the Sono Tribe. I was not aware that rumours had sway over you. I will send somebody to obtain the medicine. General Go. You must lookout of your mind and body. How might you bring back the fate that had already been lost? Know your place. The patrician song concerning her marriage. There is also a bit of truth…
in that lie. I will carve it out… whether it’s the reality or not. Mother, you’ll hurt yourself. You ungrateful son. You very little brat. does one would like to visualize Pine Tree State die? My goodness. You brat! owing to you, I might neither sleep nor eat. I might have died, worrying concerning you! Did you recognize that? My gosh. This hurts! You may kill Pine Tree State at this point. Come here. Are you all right? Gosh, don’t worry. i’m all right. Goodness. You troublemaker.
Who is there? Who did you bring? Have you been well? I came back with Ga Jin. Ridiculous. however will that be? You same she was a princess. She ought to be within the palace. Why is she here? It simply happened. So tell Pine Tree State however on earth that happened. Well… Let Pine Tree State tell her. I hope this may not return as an enormous shock to you. Actually, dkl and I… are married. What? you’re what? We are married. I cannot perceive what you only told me. So who is married to whom? So Ga Jin and that I are married. I am her husband. She, my wife. What… What on earth… You punk! however, dare you to tease your blind mother! Mother, it’s true. I don’t need to listen to it. Gosh. He is back! He is back! – He came back! – Hey! He is back! Dal is back now.
My gosh, he’s back? But why are you out of breath? But he didn’t return alone. He brought Ga Jin. No. He came back with the Princess! – What? The Princess? – What? Hey. My Ga Jin is back? Are you sure? She is back. however the issue is… Come on, tell us. you’re creating Pine Tree State dizzy. They are married. Ga Jin and dkl got married! – Married? – they’re married. – Married? – Really? What is going on? dkl got married? Ga Jin. Ga Jin. My gosh. i believed I’d never be ready to see her again. Mother, open up. I get that you simply are furious. But a minimum of hears our aspect of the story. Mother! you’re not going to see your son ever again? Dal. We should provide her some time. She should be shocked. Gosh. They must be afraid as a result of you are the Princess. Thank you for taking excellent care of my father. But i’m not here because the Princess. Then, what are you? Are you really Dal’s wife? Yes. I am Ga Jin’s husband. That is true! They got married! Gosh. What the way to shock all of us. Did you pay your 1st night together? – Gosh. – Goodness! What did I tell you? I told you these 2 were fated to be together! Congratulations. Father. It is your son. I came with Ga Jin. You keep in mind her, right? General On, i’m indebted to Dal and also the Sunno Tribe… once again. Please be generous and suss out us. She is your daughter-in-law. That is true. Come on. The Chief is here. Do not build him stand here. Come on. No matter however it happened, this is a cheerful occasion. Please settle for them along with your generous heart. Please trust the children who must are through a lot. You do not recognize anything. They are facing an extended road of hassle and pain now. Why did they… Gosh. Are you telling Pine Tree State that you simply lied to avoid the royal wedding? What selection did we tend to have? Ga Jin was near to get married while not this lie. The 3 people knew one thing was up. When we saw you at Pyeongyang Castle, you did not appear to be engaged. We cannot misinform you. But you need to keep this a secret. If this gets out, it’ll place Ghost depression and North American country in danger. I detected you pay your 1st night at the bride’s house. Yeom Deuk was making ready the blankets for you. What? Gosh. Hey! – Gosh. – Oh, my. – verify them! – What are they doing? My gosh. What are you doing? that’s thus vulgar! Get out of here! Go! – verify them! – Leave already! Hey. Let me crash at your home tonight. – Of course. – Let Pine Tree State lodge there. – Dal, do an honest job! – Gosh. Bride. Groom. Sweet dreams! – they need no time to sleep! – Gosh. Get out of here. – Leave, you punk. Go! – verify them! Gosh. I didn’t trust this. Right. Do you need to travel to sleep? I should. – Go ahead, then. – What concerning you? – this can be snug for me. – i’m smart too. Go to sleep already. you need to be sleepy. – No, i’m not. – You even yawned. You are the sleepyheaded one. I am not sleepy! Why are you obtaining mad? I am not sleepy, however you retain telling Pine Tree State to travel to sleep. You are obtaining mad at Pine Tree State for nothing. Hey. wherever are you going? I need to use the bathroom! Why did you bit me? My goodness. Gosh. Seriously. Gosh. Moon. Tell Pine Tree State what to do! Do you have associate degree answer? I shouldn’t have gotten married! It is creating my heart do somersaults! Gosh. It feels weird. Seriously. Gosh. What is taking him thus long? – what’s it? – Gosh. If you went resolute use the bathroom again, you would possibly pass out. Why does one care? What concerning you? Why are you enjoying the pipe within the middle of the night? You cannot even play it. Why does one care if I play it or not? I ne’er had the possibility to find out it. Cheonjubang? I am smart at enjoying the pipe. Hey. That… I mean… Hey, you’re dirtier than I thought. “Dirty”? How could you say that about me? What concerning this, then? Why place this on your lips? If I wished to kiss you, i’d have done it an extended time ago. Why would I place my lips on this sogeum? Liar. You are the liar. you’re sleepy, but you’re not attending to sleep. You are the coward. Kissing doesn’t scare me. Same here. Then, attempt it. You try it. You… RIVER wherever THE MOON RISES It feels weird to lie here with you. I came back here to live as Dal’s wife. I am not here because the patrician or to play. Are you certain you’ll not regret it? What is my relative-in-law doing? I am coming. I raise to be the top of the royal bodyguards. You despicable spy. I will finish you here, thus you ne’er return to Silla. I will get everybody at the palace on my side. Get the Prince’s trust first. You planned it after you were at the palace, right? And Pine Tree State turning into a general must be a part of your plan. Do you recognize why i’m not teaching dkl the swordsmanship? Once he wields the sword, he is certain to see blood. That is the fate of a swordsman.

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