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DISCLAIMER: All places, characters, firms, and events depicted in this show are fictitious.

Part 1 The Right to Be Human

Choose a room, then choose form of rent

Rent for 3 hours: KRW 30,000
Rent for the night: KRW 60,000


My Daughter
Arrived at academy

I love you

Hello, Ma’am.

Ever since I last saw you,

I’ve been thinking about the right to be human.

Not a family member,

a friend,

or a colleague,

but the right to be a human being.

Your time is up.

I’m afraid I have to go.

Then why did you come all the way here?

It’s my duty to do my best

in satisfying my customers.

So I came here.

I’ll extend my time.

How’s that?

I have another appointment

after this.

And going to a second location is illegal.


I’ll leave first.

For you.

Please leave a good review!

The right given only to people

who bide by the rules of society

and proudly set forth their names.

The right to judge the world,


be enraged

and despair.


The right that you have

and I don’t.

I’ve been thinking about that.

But Ma’am…

What is that world you speak of?

And what is that human being?


…that even really exist?

Did you…get the call…?

Did you get the call?

Hey, Gang-jae.

What’s with all the dots?

What call?

Oh, well…

What’s up?

Did you and Soon-gyu fight?

No, it’s nothing like that.

Then what is it?

Did she find out…

You found that bastard, right?

That bastard?

Is that bastard…


I’m right.


I’ve got goosebumps.

I dozed off

for a moment

and in my dream, I met that bastard.

You met Jeong-woo in your dream?

Well, I ran into him on the street.

From behind, I could tell it was Jeong-woo.

You know how he hunches his back and stands crooked.


Did you

speak with him?


I asked what he did with my money for two months.

And then?

And then…

He cried.

He cried?

Jeong-woo cried?

Yes, he cried.

I don’t know if it was because he felt sorry.

Well, Gang-jae…


What’s taking you so long?

Just a sec.


I’ll call you back right away.

He’s so young, but he’s so constipated.

Jeez, you blockhead.

Spicy chicken goes on this side.

How many times do I have to tell you?

When did you tell me about spicy chicken?

I just opened this.

Red east, white west.

Red food is placed to the east.

You don’t know where east is, do you?

Of course I know!

Where is it?

To the right.

Then where does the pickled radish go?


For the chicken?


Hey, where are you going?

Wait, Brother.

Where are you going? Want me to go with you?

You’re calling him “Brother”?

The thumbprint on your divorce papers is still fresh.

Not, it’s not. It’ll be over three months tomorrow.

Hey, where are you going?

I’ll go buy a cake.

– Cake?
– Should I tag along?

Oh, right. Get cheese cake.

Why put cheese cake on the ancestral rites table?

It’s too rich.

My mom loves that kind of food.

Where does the cheese cake go?

The east or the west?

If it’s cheese…

You don’t know.

Where should I put it?


Jo Min-jee (Gangnam, 44)

Bae Yoon-hee (Mok-dong, 36)
You’re on your way, right? If you’re late, it’s over.

Bae Yoon-hee (Mok-dong, 36)
You’re on your way, right? If you’re late, it’s over.

Deluxe taxi

So where is that bastard Jeong-woo?

What should I do?

Are you crying?



Jeong-woo what?

Did he use up all my money?


Well what?

Hey, you’re called Just for a reason. Just spit it out.

Stop scaring me.

Hold on.

I got a call

from the police a moment ago.

They couldn’t reach anyone.

So I ended up getting the call.

He’s dead, right?

They fished out a car from a reservoir in Gyeonggi-do.

Jeong-woo and…

…a woman…

Those two were in the car.

Was it an accident?


They were holding hands

and a scarf was tied to hold their wrists together.

So it doesn’t look like an accident.


Get out.

Excuse me.

19th floor, right?

I think I saw you in the elevator.


Who was the woman?

The door has closed.

A client?

Your manager is here.

I don’t know. I’ll find out at the police station.

You have to go to the police station?

No way.

I can’t send Just alone.


He’s a little…

Hey, you lent Jeong-woo money.

You won’t be getting it back.

Too bad.

How much was it?

KRW 20 mil.? KRW 30 mil.?

You’re so heartless.

A man died and that’s all you’re curious about?

You crazy?

My grandma said the living must live.

A girl like you had a grandmother?

What the?

Despite what you see,

my grandma raised me until I was 10.

Then I guess your character

hit rock bottom after 10.

I’m ready to order now!

Why? What are you doing?

Don’t order anything.

Why not?

We’ll just drink water and leave.

A cup of water, please.

Green tea is free, right?

Order something, too.

Give him a cup of green tea.


Today’s work begins at 4PM.
Begin work

Take a bath before coming into my house

What do I have to do today?

Just sit here cordially, then leave.

Perfume prohibited
Don’t wake me up

That’s so vague.

I need to know the set-up to act.

I met a woman while doing the proxy service.

You were her boyfriend?


I was a family member.

I was hired to act like a family member.

This Year’s Popular Movie Star Award Park Ji-na

I met her a few more times on a deeper level.


Her boyfriend’s wife

saw me go into her house.

Her boyfriend’s wife?


Then her boyfriend is married,

and if his wife saw you,

that means his wife and your woman are friends.

You’re really quick with this kind of matter.


You want me to act like your girlfriend

in front of her?

So the husband will hear about it?

Something like that.

Jeez. She should just break up with him.

She’s so pathetic.

She can’t because of all

the expensive things she wants.

Things she wants?

Total KRW 1.99 mil.

– Yeah, things she wants.
– KRW 1.99 mil.?

Then she can’t break up.

Excuse me.

In 10 minutes,

a guest will arrive.


Then what should I do?

Leave for now.

How about working an extra hour next time?

Okay, then.

I’ll put these in the dressing room and leave.

Okay. Leave within 5 minutes.

Yes, Ma’am.

They’re here.

What are you doing?


Just go with it.

Huh? You must be crazy.


What are you doing here?

Oh, hi!

What brings you here?

I came to grab a bite.

Say hi. This is my cousin.



Oh, hello.

– She’s my friend from high school.
– Oh.

How is Auntie doing?

Oh, she’s fine.

Who is she?

My cousin.

Your girlfriend?

Nonsense. She’s an old buddy.

I’m kidding.

My girlfriend.

– Say hi.
– Hello.


She’s my cousin.


How can a cleaning lady

come into a facility for residents

and wash in the same bathtub as us?

Are you saying our staff used the bathhouse?

No, not the staff.

The cleaning ladies most residents hire privately.

Seriously, I’m confused.

It seems like there are no rules.

You should have basic manners.

Yes, Ma’am?

I’m returning the key.

Why make a good person like me

become a bully on a power trip?

They’re all low lives.

I’m sorry.

Should I call you after investigating?

Missed calls

There’s no need to call me.

Put up a warning sign

or make a PA announcement.

Then I’ll make sure it’s taken care of.

Your name?

Lee Bu-jeong.

Jin Jeong-su
Mom is desperately waiting for your call.

Oh, my.

Does Seo Jin-seop live here?


The actor Seo Jin-seop.

Jeong A-ran’s husband.

They’re on the same soap opera these days.

We don’t know…

Did they move here?

Where do you think she is?

She went to work, so she’d be at her office.

You didn’t call her office again, did you?

You don’t have to yell at me.

I’ll talk to you later, Mom.

I’m so busy that I don’t even have time to breathe.

I texted her, so she’ll call…


She’s so fiery.

Mom is desperately waiting for your call.


She still hasn’t changed her profile pic.

This is gross.

Why doesn’t she reply to her texts?




Why didn’t you pick up your phone?

You called?

He’s here.

Who’s he?




Look at me.



Good. Let’s go.

He’s waiting.

Where’s the tall one?

Did he do the nail inspection again?


He said to hurry and call the tall one, right?


Why isn’t he here already?

Hello, Sir.

Is there something making you uncomfortable?

Stop smiling.


You’re asking if I’m uncomfortable.

So how can you feel good?

Oh, I’m sorry.

I will never smile again.


If you’re selling food, you have to be neat and tidy.

Painting your nails red

and splattering yourself with perfume…

That’s wrong.

Very ignorant behavior.

Yes, yes. You’re right.

You’re running this place upright, clean

and on a good conscience, right?

Yes, Sir.

Goodbye, Sir.

Good work.


How could this happen?

Rest in peace

Funeral Service

You should’ve come to your mother!

Why are you lying here?


That woman…

I heard her name was Hee-sun.

Her son’s name is Min-su.

When I talked about her with Jeong-woo,

I just called her Baby Mama.

Did you know?

No. He didn’t tell me.

I guess he was embarrassed.

Stop snooping.

I heard what the police said earlier.

The woman’s family doesn’t know Jeong-woo at all.

They just think

they met online and committed

suicide together.

Or they might be pretending that they don’t know him.

I heard the son is very sick.

It’s just for one day. Just today.

What happened today that you want to stay out?

Are you crazy?

Think however you want.

I really just can’t

go home today.

Woo-nam has the night shift, so I’m alone.

He hung up, that bastard.

I told you to go home. Why stay out?

How can I go home at a time like this?

Be good to Soon-gyu.

If not, you might become like Jeong-woo.

I have you.

That’s funny, but since you

didn’t say you’ll live longer than me,

I’ll let that slide.

About Jeong-woo…

Are we leaving him like this?

The police said they’ll take care of it

all at once later.

No, I’m not talking about that.


If Jeong-woo

had a mother, would it be different?

Why are you asking me that?

At least you have a mom.

Seeing that woman’s family,

I noticed her mother weeping the saddest.

By now, she’s probably

holding a funeral with her family.

I saw earlier how they were

calling relatives, looking for a funeral hall.

They were in a frenzy.

What’s the use of all that when you’re dead?


But still,

they died at the same time in the same way.

But right now, it’s so different.


always told me he felt


When I just saw his face earlier…

Did you think it, too?

Think what?

Jeong-woo is in there, thinking,

‘Okay, it’s my turn.’

‘I wonder who showed up.’

He’s waiting expectantly.

But then he looks

and sees it’s us.

What about us?

What about Jeong-woo?

Think he might be disappointed?

Not disappointed. Just…


Come on, why feel so empty?

Also, Jeong-woo said

he had a rich sister in Seoul

and his father is a realtor in Daejeon.

How can no one come?

No mother.

Not even a grandmother.


I can stand in for weddings 10 times,

but never for a funeral.

Do you know how much it costs to

set up a ceremonial table and cremate someone?

So how much is it?

Go find out.

Lee Gang-jae, you…

I really just can’t help

but respect you.

You’re awesome.

Stop right there.

Open the door!

How dare you ignore me!

I said open the door!



What are you two doing?

Why did she lock this part?

Mom! Bu-jeong!

Open the door!

What are you two doing?

Open the door, quick!


Sir, perhaps

it would be best to smash the lock.


Smash this?

Seems like something’s going on in there.

I don’t believe this!

What are you doing?

Open the door!

Mom! Seriously!

If I want to smash this,

do I need a hammer?

A hammer…

Should I run to the security office?

I can lend you ours.


We have a lot of hammers.

Can you?

Come on, he’s a kid.

Your mom isn’t home yet?

No. They all come home after nine.

Then go back inside and do your homework.

I finished it already.

Still, go inside and do your homework.

Bu-jeong! Mom!



That nasty witch.

What were you two doing?

Are you okay?

That one…

She’s totally crazy.

What should we do, Jeong-su?

She’s gone totally insane.

What did you say to her this time?

I didn’t say anything.

Hey, I really

didn’t say one word.

I barely opened my mouth.

You must’ve pushed her buttons again!

You bastard!

Whose son are you?

I told you I didn’t do anything!

Okay, okay.

Thank you for your trouble.

You can leave now.

I’m sorry.

– I’m sorry.
– No problem.

– Goodbye.
– I’m sorry.

Excuse me.

If it’s possible,

can you keep it down?

I didn’t shout.

Of course.

Yes. I’m sorry.

– Thank you for your trouble.
– Sure.

Go inside.


What’s this?

Why did she lock the door?

What’s all this?

She thought I wasn’t here

and put the double locks on the door

when she came in.

What is it this time?

She got something

from the police.

My only crime is asking her about this.


Why did you go and open someone else’s letter?

Someone else’s? You bastard.

I’m her mother-in-law.

Alright, Mom. And?

What do you mean, “and”?

That’s it.

Alright. Let’s talk later.

And keep it down.

She got mail from the police.

She’s not at home.

She doesn’t pick up her phone all day.

So when she came home,

I asked why she didn’t pick up

and why her office number changed.

She suddenly screamed at me

and ripped that up.

She glared at me with rabid eyes.

Don’t exaggerate.

How can she have rabid eyes?

I’m not exaggerating.

You didn’t see her.

She might

be going mental again.



If you say that one more time…

I’m calling it out like it is.

What’s wrong with that?

Depression isn’t going mental.

It’s the same thing.

If depression isn’t going mental,

then what is?

Stop talking nonsense

and go to another room for now.

Why come here without calling first?

It’s our house.

It’s my house that I got for you.

It’s not like I live here with you.

I can’t even stop by?

More precisely, you lent us half.

We paid back the other half.

I’m hopping mad as it is.

Are you egging me to die of anger?

Making my blood pressure rise? Bastard.

Mom, calm down and go to another room.

Go in. Go in.

You’re not physically beating me,

but this is abuse, too…

He’ll be the death of me.

That son. That bastard.

Even dogs are grateful and become loyal.

[iQIYI Ver] jTBC E01 ‘Lost’
“The Right to Be Human”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
Synced with Subcake Android

I didn’t initiate it.

Your mother first

called me a crazy witch.

What came from the police?

It’s nothing.

What’s the summons?


Using the communication network system…

I said it’s nothing.

What’s wrong?

I heard you shouting earlier.

I wasn’t shouting.

Your mother went overboard.

So what is that?

Why does the police want you to come?

I said it’s nothing. Stop asking.

If this isn’t something, then what is?

They want to see me for some mean comments.

Mean comments?

On the internet?



What in the world did you write

to get sued for it?

I said don’t live like that and go kill yourself.


You wrote that? To who?

I don’t know.

A celebrity?

Something like that.

It’s a celebrity?


You’ll know when you get older.

Why talk about age again?

When you’re over 40, you’ll have experienced

a tramp that you can never forgive.


A bad woman to me is a tramp.

It’s not a cuss word.


So what do they want you to do?

Do what?

We need to fix this.

What’s with all this sudden interested?

I’ll take care of it, so back off.

Where are you going?

To my dad’s. I’ll be back after dinner.

Go comfort your mother.

But it’s so late.

It’s not even 8 o’clock.

Why are you overreacting today?

Did something happen again?

I’m not overreacting.

I was just saying it’s late.

Things will die down quicker if I’m gone.


Text me when you get there.

Hello, Ma’am.

How was your day today?


if something even slightly

unfortunate happened to you,

then it probably was

because of my earnest prayer.


Aftereffects of an accident
Conflict between generations

Personality problems

Huh? Hello!


You’re coming home from an academy?

Ju-ah, say hello.

These days,

I pray for you almost every day.

Hello, Ma’am…

When I get up in the morning…

When I open my eyes in the morning…

When I close my eyes at night…

When I watch TV…

When I eat a meal…


How can I help you?

In the subway on my way to work…

At my new workplace…

Whenever I have time…

I always pray earnestly.

Squeeze each one out and take it one at a time.

And right now…

I pray you become unhappy like me.

I pray every moment you breathe is hell.

I pray

you become like me.

Select transaction.

Short term loan withdrawal

Select the amount that you want.

KRW 100,000

Fee rate notification

I pray to all the stars in the cloudy sky.

I pray to the stale wind blowing in the hill.

I pray to the abandoned land and filthy air.


I pray to

all the bad people

that undoubtedly exist somewhere in this world.

Who is it?

Dad, your daughter’s here.

Oh, what brings you here?

What about Jeong-su?


It’s just me. Forget about Jeong-su.

You’re here alone?


How about dinner?

You haven’t eaten yet, huh?

No. I have no appetite.


Chinese food delivers 24/7 nowadays, Dad.

Let’s order in.

We should be frugal.

The economy is bad. Don’t be wasteful.

Should we order sweet and sour pork?

Sweet and sour pork?


They take credit cards, Dad.

But I have cash today.

I stopped by the bank.

You teased me for not having cash last time,

calling me a beggar.

I didn’t call you a beggar.

Yes, you did.

So how much is the sweet and sour pork?

Well, it’s…

Let’s see…

It’s no use suing me.

Order from the cheapest place.

If you sue me one more time,

I’ll write your name in blood,

send it to a TV station

and kill myself.

If you want soup, you can have jjamppong.

Funeral portrait

Mourning robes

KRW 700,000… KRW 2.7 mil…

Oh, this one’s KRW 4.2 mil.

Is that one this?


But the color is a bit blah.

The fit, too.


He loved fashion.

If this doesn’t keep him from going to heaven,

I’ll get clothes from home.



To get something cuter.

Thank you. Bye.

What’s this?

I don’t know if it’s the poo

or the flies that are good.

They must be psychic.


– Earlier from there…
– Do you need anything else?

Oh, no.

– No, thanks.
– It’s okay.

Feel free to come to us if you need anything.

It’s okay.

Thank you.


You should just give them your business card.

They want you so bad.

He looks happy in this photo.

Looks good.

What’s this?

A hymn?

So Jeong-woo can go to heaven?

How’d you know it’s a hymn

if it says “Halleluiah”?

You’d know since your clients

have various religions.

Jeez. Don’t get wise with me.

This isn’t a hymn.

Don’t you remember?

Jeong-woo sang this all the time.

His background music

and ring tone are all this song.

How come I can’t remember anything?

Because you’re so busy.

He was handsome.


A good singer.



He was good at golf.

– He was good at bowling, too.
– Yeah.

So what went wrong?

You were closer to him than I was.

Being close means nothing.

Where’s everyone he was close with now?

Only you and I are here.

It’s all futile.

But Jeong-woo was really good to us.

When we had no money,

he bought us good food

and gave us work.

Although he collected all at once in the end.

I lent him KRW 40 mil.

and you lent him KRW 5 mil.?

Yeah, about that much.

He borrowed from a bunch of people

and got two big ones.

You know what, Just?


If I had two big ones

in cash…

KRW 200 mil.?


Then even if

I felt empty inside,

I wouldn’t want to die.

Bastards with no money or family

shouldn’t die. It’s a nuisance.

Hey, but still,

if you ask that woman over there,

she’ll probably hold your funeral for free.

So don’t worry.

That’s how you comfort me

on a gloomy day like this?

For you, I’ll hold

an extravagant funeral like they’re doing.

Don’t you worry.

You said you’ll die before I do.

But just look at the reality.

I don’t smoke or drink.

I don’t hang out with girls.

No doubt I’ll live longer than you.

I quit smoking, too, jerk.

Give me one, too.

I have to go home and change

and also get Jeong-woo’s shroud.

But I just don’t want to move an inch.

I guess it’s because I’m sad.

It’s because you were

running around covering the cost.

I’ll be back.

Is it okay

for you to be here without fixing dinner?

He’s probably having fun with his mom.

How can you call her that?

If you divide sides, that really hurts.

Jeong-su doesn’t care.

Oh, hi.

You seem busy.

What time is it now?

Is it a busy time?

You have a lot of customers?

I was wondering if you were stopping by later.

Isn’t he strange?

Huh? Who?

The guy who just passed us.

We say hi whenever we see him, but he doesn’t.

People living in Seoul don’t say hi that often.

Why are you being so kind all of a sudden? No fun.

Huh? What did I do?

You said he’s a playboy,

changing girls all the time.

Oh, dear.

Don’t fret over someone else’s son

and be good to Jeong-su.

Jeong-su, Jeong-su!

Aren’t you tired of mentioning him?

Come on. Gangbuk isn’t Pyongyang.

It doesn’t take long to get there from Gangnam.

How can you say it’s a hassle?

But still.

You’re being so harsh.

Just come.

I’ll stay until tomorrow morning.

Okay. Bye.


I just don’t want to call her “Mother.”


My mom has died.

If I call Jeong-su’s mother


then my poor mom will hear that.

Why does that make her poor?

Mom is “Mom”

and your mother-in-law is “Mother.”

“Mom” and “Mother” all belong to my mom.

Jeong-su calls me “Father.”

He calls everyone “Father” and “Mother”

all day long. That’s his job.

Don’t talk down to your husband.

I’ll scold you.

I’m 5 years older than him.

When he was in 6th grade, I was in 11th grade.

Still, don’t talk down to him.

He talks down to me.

Do you think men are superior to women?


Did you two fight again?

We don’t fight anymore.

Why not?

It’s strangely awkward when we’re alone together.

Did that happen to you, too?


Can you stop collecting boxes now?

You said no one’s buying them now.

What do you mean?

There are still those who buy them.

Don’t you watch TV?

They’re worth less than KRW 30.

It’s not worth your hard work.

It’s my job. Don’t tell me what to do.

Would you like it if I tell you

to quit the publishing house?


Why do you keep calling me?

I’m out of breath.

If I quit

the publishing house,

will you quit doing this?

What are you talking about?

What do you mean? It’s just as I said.

If I quit the publishing house,

will you quit doing this?

Why quit

a good job in this recession?

I’m quitting because of the recession.

You sometimes say puzzling things

and make me frustrated.


This isn’t easy for you.

Leave it.

Nothing in this world is easy.

Everyone lives like that.

Yeah, grab that side.

One, two, three.

Calling a taxi

All vehicles are in operation
Please call again later

Aren’t you getting on?

Come here, Dad.

The bus can’t leave because of you.

You can go on.

Is the bus schedule really okay?

You saw it yourself.

There are four buses left.

Alright. I’ll get the next one.

You two didn’t fight, right?

How many times do I have to tell you?

We didn’t fight.

We don’t have the energy to fight.

Then fine.

Huh? Oh, my.

Don’t people look down on you when you do that?

What’s wrong with this?

It’s not a bad thing.

I get exercise, it’s good for the environment

and good for the country’s economy.

How patriotic.


I’m not going anywhere. Why call me?

Should I collect boxes like you?

If that’s going too far,

then I can do housekeeping.

You talking nonsense again is upsetting me.

They don’t call them housekeepers anymore.

The kitchen maid became a housekeeper.

But the name changed again?

Helper, substitute homemaker,

partner, manager…

That’s what they call them.

Like you said, it’s not a bad thing.

I get exercise, so it’s good.

It’s okay for me to do that.

But not you.


Because you’re my child.

What about it?

What’s a child?

Children must lead

a better life than their parents.


You’re right.

Everything you say is right.

Now you get it?

The boxes in the alley earlier…

How much is is all of that?

I don’t know.

It changes every day.

I collect them, not knowing how much it’s worth.

Your medicine.

You take them regularly, right?


Worried I might forget?




I’m right here. Why do you keep calling me?

You wanted me

to become a warmhearted rich person.

So you named me like that.



Is something the matter?


Yes, I’m here.

Dad, I think…

I failed.

I think I failed.


Did something happen at work?



Are you and Jeong-su having problems?


It’s not that.

It’s not that kind of issue.

It’s just…

It’s just that I’m so foolish.

What are you talking about?

You’re my pride and joy.

No, I’m not, Dad.

Don’t say that I am.

I think…

I think I’ve become bad.


Because of the baby?

Because of losing the baby?

Are you continuously…


…because of that?



It’s not that.

What right do I have to say that?

It’s just…

It’s just that I’m bad.

There’s no reason.

I wanted to make an effort,

thinking about how you raised me

by toiling away on the streets.

But I don’t know how to make an effort.

Dad, I…

I didn’t become anything.

I got born into this world

and didn’t become anything.

I think I won’t ever make anything of myself.

That’s why I’m so lonely, Dad.

I have you and Jeong-su.

But I’m just so lonely.

Of course.

You’re lonely.

Why wouldn’t I know that?

It’s just…

It’s okay.

My life is such an embarrassment.

Don’t cry. Huh?

You’ll exhaust yourself. Don’t cry.

I think

I will become poorer than you.

I think I’ll be worse.

Then you’ll be heartbroken.

Oh, dear.

It’s okay.

Don’t be like this, Bu-jeong.

My heart is breaking to pieces.

What can I do, Dad?


I have no right.

Seoul Police Station
To Lee Bu-jeong

Hello, Father.

I was getting worried. Bu-jeong hasn’t come.

She wanted to sleep over,

but I put her on a bus just now.

Everything is fine, right?

Yes, of course.

What about you?

I’m fine.


Please take care of Bu-jeong.

Thank you.

I’m sorry, Father.

I’ll hang up now.


It’s okay.

No, just use it.

Don’t ruin your clothes.

Thank you.

Normally, I’d just give that to you.


That handkerchief.


But it’s…



No, don’t unfold it. You already used it.

Then what should I do?

Well, normally, I’d give it to you.



Just in case you throw it away.

I’m telling you that it’s expensive.


Don’t throw it away.

Wash it and use it again.

This is my stop.


Work a room before you go, Player.

Would you feel better

if I get off on the next stop?

But I can’t stay on the bus for you.

You shouldn’t have come.

If I knew you were coming, I wouldn’t have come.

I just wanted to see you one more time.

Have you heard about “shield lift”?

Are you threatening me right now?

I read the book.

You didn’t change a word.

It was all as I had written.

He died because life was so hard.

How can you talk trash about him? That’s not right.

He doesn’t have a voice now.

Do you have a death wish?

I’m so embarrassed

that I want to die right now!

Because of you…

What the hell are you doing?

I lost my child.

And I lost myself.